Why You Shouldnt Use The Username Admin: Get More Info! Check!{2023}

WordPress users who prefer to run their websites using the username Admin are more prone to attack. For instance, Brute Force attacks are targeted at users who have typical usernames and passwords used for WordPress logins.

In this guide, we’ll explain why a user’s (admin) login details in WordPress; can create massive damage for WordPress users. Additionally, you’ll learn how to alter the existing username’s information or create a brand new account.

Why should you not make use of an ADMIN Username?

Let’s discuss briefly why operating your WordPress website using the username ADMIN is not recommended.

Brute Force is attacked

Like the name implies, brute force attacks are essentially trying login combinations with a site’s login system. For example, hackers are targeting WordPress standard login page that use commonly used usernames, for example Admin and popular passwords such as Love1234, Admin1234, and cool@1234.

In basic brute force attacks, hackers attack login pages that have typical usernames. Admin in this instance is the username utilized by many people using WordPress.

In this instance, WordPress users with credentials like Admin and standard passwords are easily uncovered by the use of brute force. After this occurs attackers can gain access to victim websites. Also, if your website’s username is Admin the chances of compromises are high.

Social Engineering scams

WordPress users using administrators as their username are vulnerable to social engineering-related attacks – aiding hackers to exploit the human brain. These attacks allow hackers to gain sensitive data from admin users.

On websites where admin accounts are established, hackers are able to identify the emails of super, admin, or super users of the WordPress website. This allows them to design emails hacks and then launch them quickly, efficiently and are suitable in the majority of instances.

An admin for instance can get emails sent by suspect people that aren’t immediately identifiable by WordPress novices. The emails may appear as if they are from legitimate businesses and can be used to fool admins into taking actions that could harm the security of their website.

Real-Time attacks on admin accounts

Hackers can also conduct real-time attacks against administrator accounts. For instance If hackers get access to administrator’s account’s cookie the account can be taken over for attackers.

In this instance, clicking a link in the administrator account may result in system errors. For instance, by clicking on a suspicious link attackers can store admin’s cookie, alter it the cookies, and then send HTTP requests to the server’s infrastructure.

If this happens the attackers can gain access to the admin’s account from any location, which makes the stealing of cookies a valid method to gain admin status on the WordPress website.

Run as Administrator

Administrator accounts can take any actions on an WordPress website, including installation, backup and restoration.

In these scenarios in the event that it is the case that there is no back-up system in place, the actions made by administrators are not irreversible.

This is a clearer understanding of the dangers, if you’re not cautious enough – you can harm your WordPress site by acting as an administrator. As an example, changing roles for users in WordPress can cause loopholes in access controls, action levels and administration of the site.

The next step is to find out how to alter WordPress usernames’ information to ensure security.

Change information for an the existing Admin account

In WordPress updating information for existing users is restricted. In this scenario after you’ve logged in to the Admin dashboard and logged in, you can go through the Users page, and then choose Edit. edit under username as illustrated in the image below.

The next screen On the next page, you can observe that WordPress does not allow changing passwords on existing accounts. In this instance, once you’ve made a username like admin, changing usernames is not possible in WordPress. Let’s discuss the issue of creating new usernames in WordPress.

Making brand new accounts in WordPress

To avoid creating usernames using ADMIN instead, create new accounts with administrative privileges using an alternative username.

For example, creating an account with a username such like John and a password that is complex is highly recommended to WordPress users. By doing this, you can stop brute-force attacks against WordPress administrator accounts.

Let’s look at how to set up an account new with administrator privileges. After logging into the WordPress dashboard, go the Users > Create New page, and then click Add New. Click the “Add New” button.

Input the information needed for the new administrator user account in the subsequent screen like username, password and access levels. Make sure you don’t using ADMIN as the new username for your account.

Professional Tips

  • Since WordPress allows accounts to be created with various access levels, it is possible to can create accounts with restricted rights, for instance Author to edit and create WordPress content.
  • You can temporarily permit users to take on administrative tasks, if needed. For instance, by using WordPress plugins, you can enable an author for the creation of new accounts using WordPress. After the process is completed and you are satisfied, you can transfer accounts back to their prior status.
  • If multiple accounts are used in WordPress ensure that you’ve set up admin accounts with unique identification numbers. For instance, adminposts, administrators as well as administratormanage are examples of admin accounts that have different functions.
  • It is recommended to have set up Two Factor Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on admin accounts. It allows you to create a two-step login verification to super user. If attackers gain access admins who has 2FA enabled, a successful login is not possible since WordPress requires a code sent to the admin’s mail or phone after entering the correct user name and password.


Administrator accounts in WordPress are granted super-level access. The security issues with usernames that are common can be a problem for webmasters.

In WordPress At any cost, you should have been avoiding creating users using Admin as their username. Instead create super users using names like John as an account name.

Finally it is possible to can control users’ rights by using the point-and-click WordPress plugins, like the User Role Editor. It allows you to quickly alter rights of users in WordPress dashboards and without the need write code for the WordPress backend.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the process of creating WordPress users and staying away from popular usernames, like ADMIN Join the discussion in our comments section below. let us assist you keep WordPress the security of users.

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