Voltbuddy Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{Sep-2023} Read Here!

Are you worried about the cost of electricity? Are you trying to acquire Voltbuddy? Voltbuddy is available through getVoltbuddy.com? Are you trying to discover if Voltbuddy is worthwhile the price? Is it a Scam? Are they reputable? Review this article to learn the reason to not be enticed to buy Voltbuddy.

What specifically is Voltbuddy?

Voltbuddy is an appliance that promises to provide the your home with constant and smooth electric power that results in an increase in efficiency as well as an improvement in the quality of electricity, thus reducing the costs of electricity. It prevents waste energy from entering your wires. It stops the over-consumption of force, it significantly decreases the power bill. It is said to reduce the energy consumption of kitchen appliances that use power sources up to 90 percent. It is also available for purchase for sale at 50% off.

Stabilize Electrical Currents

There is an additional claim that Voltbuddy aids in preventing power interruptions that result by electrical storms.

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Voltbuddy could trigger the Fire Outbreak

The Voltbuddy is an object that can be dangerous and could cause fire if it is not treated with care. This is because we’re not able to determine the condition of the capacitor inside the Voltbuddy is truly appropriate for use across the AC line or if there is a chance that there will be a spark of fire when lightning strikes. Find out more here to find out more about this.


While the device seems authentic and appears like it could be a good investment, the most important aspect to this review is discover if Voltbuddy is in line to its word. This review will reveal everything you must to learn about Voltbuddy.

Does Voltbuddy actually save energy? reducing electricity Bills?

The answer is not true, the claims that Voltbuddy is an energy saver is not the case as customers have written reviews online saying that Voltbuddy doesn’t conserve energy or cut down on the cost of electricity, or lower electricity bills in any way.

One user took this to declare:

Complete scam product. It makes promises that aren’t capable to be delivered and uses fake reviews, bogus references to credible magazines and more. The entire science is junk developed to aid people in staying away from spending money. In the real world, the weakest of the people seeking ways to cut energy costs may be enticed to spend more than PS100 to purchase this fake science.

What is the procedure that is the basis for Voltbuddy Function?

The claims that this device is advertised as a gadget that can save energy is false and absurd as Voltbuddy is not able to provide any energy-saving features. It is equipped with an internal capacitor in its power line that is able to perform an adjustment to power factors. However, it doesn’t help conserve energy or money. The capacitor is able to draw 100MA current through the power line. So when you have the device that draws 100MA of Inductive Power, the capacitor would be in a position to block it.

Voltbuddy electricity saver

Certain Claims Concerning Voltbuddy

It asserts to end Idle Electricity:

Voltbuddy claims that it was created to keep inefficient electronics from using up too much energy, and to also help stabilize the home’s power supply while reducing the price of electricity.

It can save money.

There is an assertion that with Voltbuddy, you don’t need to be concerned about paying more than you need to on your electricity bill. In the initial month you’ll see how the device is cutting your electric bill and making it simpler to save money.

Is Voltbuddy a Genuine Energie saver?

In the critical areas that were mentioned in the earlier section, Voltbuddy has a lot of warning signals. It is caused due to the reality the fact that Voltbuddy is difficult for an appliance this big to maintain the reliability of the home’s AC supply, or to generate the savings that are claimed. The electric consumption is calculated on the amount of power used and is not the corrective of the phase of VAR. BBC has also commented on the energy saving device scam here.

The most of the electricity that is used within modern houses is utilized for appliances 230-240 VAC like the cooking process, water heating to dry clothes, heating and air conditioning. This means that it is impossible for any appliance that is connected is connected to an 110 to 120 VAC outlet to “reduce the electrical power consumption” using the phase correction methods employed by devices which is attached to each leg with a 120 VAC voltage that supplies the power of 240 VAC. This is not feasible.


In light of the evidence available, there is no doubt that there is an overwhelming evidence that Voltbuddy is fraudulent. It’s impossible to imagine that a small device that plugs into the wall could regulate the power or cut down on your electric costs. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

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