Tvdealshop Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{JULY-2023} Detail Read Here!

Are you interested in purchasing from Tvdealshop? Are you trying to find out the authenticity of is a genuine online retailer? Find out the reasons why our scam detector has awarded score of low confidence.

What exactly is TVDEALSHOP.COM website?

Tvdealshop located at is an online retailer that is, which is a replica of QVC Brand by using its logo and name. The website claims to provide a variety of items, such as sparkling snowman, Christmas-themed bubble lights, and much more. They also sell them at prices that are suspiciously cheap.

There are many reasons to not shop at Tvdealshop is awash with red flags. They are the reasons not to shop at the website. Some examples to consider Red flags are

Customer Complaints

Customers who bought from this store have left numerous online reviews, claiming that the shop is fraudulent since they didn’t get the products they bought. The attempts to contact the store to ask for an exchange of items failed.


Tvdealshop has published the contact information on its website. It’s Supic Company Limited, Address 85 TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD United Kingdom, However a thorough lookup discovered this address is linked with other internet stores that were frauds . The suspiciousness indicates that has concealed its information from customers. This is also a red flag because legitimate stores always provide exact details on their websites. This is a warning sign and suggests that this is a scam store.


The outrageous discount prices offered on the website are too unbelievable to be real They are a sign that the website is not legitimate.

Security is not good and there is no security is a site that isn’t secure. isn’t secure in that it’s not vetted by Mcafee and Norton. The site is therefore susceptible to hackers who can access and alter the Customer’s personal and financial data.


The Store does not have a social media handles. This means that it’s not accessible via any social network. This is somewhat suspect, since every authentic online stores have an online presence active on social media platforms.


Based on these crucial points discussed in the previous section, has a lot of warning signals.

As with other fake online stores It makes use of cheap prices to draw customers in. If they make an order they are provided with a different item or a lower quality item, but some dissatisfied customers get nothing. This is a classic instance of a scam using bait-and-switch.


In the present, PayPal cannot provide a timely refund. In addition, the fraudulent websites usually make the mistake of using a fake tracking number that is not in relation to you or the individual you’re. A fake tracker number can be utilized to complete an PayPal transaction, which results in PayPal to view the transaction as real and, as a result, receiving chargesbacks is typically times not possible. To learn more about the best method to get the money you paid back click here to find out more.


Based on all the evidence, there is exists no question that appears to not be a legitimate online store. It has benefited from consumers who aren’t careful and is brimming with Red Flags as we have discovered in this report. Beware of this store. To spot scam websites consumers must look up their Domain’s date of registration on and then verify that the address of the shop is accurate. If you are listed, copy that address in Google or Google maps. Google maps will show whether it’s a warehouse or a residential building.

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