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Simply put your Treva Bug Fan in a place that is inside or outside, switch it on and allow the fan’s soft fans to work. As the fan’s blades spin, they provide a shady view of insects, thus keeping them out of your home.

Does these Treva Bug Fan work? What’s the procedure that it follows? What is the way that it work? How does the Treva Bug Fan work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Treva Bug Fan and how it works today through our analysis.


The Treva Bug Fan is designed to be safe, simple and effective. It operates as follows:

Step 1.) Install the batteries into the Treva Bug Fan. The device requires two AAA batteries.

Step 2.) Place Your Treva Bug Fan where you want to keep insects out.

Step 3.) Switch off The Treva Bug Fan to enjoy the bug-free atmosphere. The fan’s blades spin to create an insect-free area with a 360-degree radius that surrounds the fan. This allows you to be free of insects.


The Treva Bug Fan isn’t just the blade of a fan that turns around. It’s a blade equipped with refraction technology to keep insects away.

If it turns in the air, this Treva Bug Fan spins around creating a disgusting image for the insects. The fan isn’t just physically pulling insects away, but it also generates wind. It also creates an illusion that encourages bugs to fly.

The concept in Treva Bug Fan is called the Holographic Blade. The blades spin when they use refraction-based technology to create an unattractive image for insects. Bugs detect that unsightly appearance as a sign of danger. Instead of finding an easy meal the bugs see a signal, which tells the bugs to get away and stay clear.

Blades in the Treva Bug Fan are soft and stop when you place your hands against them. They’re not harmful to humans however they are able to keep insects out of your home across all directions.

The harmful sprays decrease in time, because bugs are slowly returning. However, this isn’t a scenario for the Treva Bug Fan, which continues to operate for the entire time it’s running. For instance, you could continue to keep the Treva Bug Fan running while taking an excursion, not stressing about the need to use it.


Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan is a bug fan that is exclusively available via the internet at

The cost will be $34.99 per fan in conjunction with the 2023 special discount promotion. Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan makes it easy to enjoy bug-free meals without the use of harmful chemicals or chemicals.

The Treva Bug Fan operates using Refraction’s power. Shut off the Treva Bug Fan and let the fans spin to keep insects away naturally.

When you see how the Treva Bug Fan blades spin and capture light and reflect it back in a specific way which creates an eerie illusion for bugs and insects. Instead of focusing on the possibility of a quick source of food bugs and insects view an unpleasant image which could signal danger. That’s why they steer clear of.

The holographic blades on the Treva Bug Fan are soft and quiet. They do not make any noise. Furthermore it runs on two batteries, which makes it totally mobile. While you’re relaxing indoors or out at a picnic in the outdoors it is possible to stay bug-free wherever you go.

Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan is produced by Treva, the Chicago-based company that manufactures consumer products which was founded in 1992. The company makes a wide range options of models for fans, humidifiers, and other cooling solutions that move air.


Treva Bug Fan is a unique product. Treva Bug Fan is unique when compared to other options for repelling pests. It offers benefits like:

Light, soft crystal blades which resemble holographic ones keep insects away without harming humans.

Non-toxic devices do not contain harmful chemicals


It is completely portable and can be used wherever you have electricity

Ideal for backyard barbecues, grills and patios, camping and more

Be cautious around pets and other loved ones

Get a Treva Bug Fan and enjoy its benefits today!


Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan hopes to be the best natural, non-toxic solution for repelling pests.

Certain characteristics that distinguish the Treva Bug Fan from other insect-control products available in the present include:

The holographic blades will repel bugs, without harming Humans It is also possible to use a normal fan to keep bugs away. However, regular fans do not have holographic blades of top quality. It’s the Treva Bug. The Treva Bug Fan is a fan with the holographic blades which move and naturally repel insects, and without humans or any other way.

Refraction-Based Repellant Technology. The key of the Treva Bug Fan is the application of holographic blades, which employ refraction-based technologies to create an unpleasant image for bugs. When they spin in a circular motion, the blades create an illusion that keeps insects away from the region. Instead of being able to spot the food source that is easy to find bugs sense danger and avoid the area.

360-Degree Coverage: The Treva Bug Fan rotates 360 degrees, and it covers an extensive area, which allows it to stop bugs from entering the entire area.

The Blades are safe and soft. that stop when they touch if you’d like to place your hand into the Treva Bug Fan without damage. Blades are soft and comfortable when touched and then the device stops working upon contact. If you tried not to hurt yourself using the Treva Bug Fan blades. It’s designed specifically to ensure safety even in the presence and children.

100% Portable and no Cords The Treva Bug Fan is 100% portable and no cords utilize this Treva Bug Fan without cords and the device is portable. Simply plug in batteries to the device and use it wherever you need to ward off insects. You can take it camping, without power or put it in your backyard in absence of electricity within the vicinity.

It uses 2 AA batteries. Every Treva Bug Fan is powered by two AAA batteries. It is not required to charge or plug the fan to an outlet.

Whisper Quiet Whisper Treva Bug Fan is designed to be quiet, which means it can keep out insects from disturbing your conversation at dinner. Since the blades are less abrasive, they are able to move through air, making no or little noise.

Awarded by 325,000+ happy customers Treva Bug Fan is one of the most popular natural remedies for repelling insects. It’s backed by 325,000+ delighted customers who have no bugs because of this Treva Bug Fan.


Modern, minimalist design, modern and aesthetic Treva Bug Fans were specifically designed to look modern and stylish. Instead of placing a weird-looking contraption on your dinner table, you can place an aesthetically-pleasing device anywhere to keep away bugs. Restaurants typically use Treva Bug Fans and similar gadgets. There is a Treva Bug Fan and similar devices to repel insects.

90-Day Moneyback Guarantee 90-Day Moneyback Guarantee: You are able to request a full reimbursement of the Treva Bug Fans purchased within the first 90 days without asking questions. If you’re unhappy with the Treva Bug Fans in any manner or the fan did not meet your needs then you can request an full refund. The fan must be unopened and in its original condition in order to qualify to receive a refund. You also must pay for return shipping.

1-Year Warranty 1-Year Warranty: If the Treva Bug Fan stops working in any way, within one year of when you purchased it., please contact the manufacturer to request replacement items.

100 100% safe for pets as well as children: Many insecticides and pesticides are hazardous for humans. Certain are especially harmful to pets and children. Since Treva Bug Fan is made of non-toxic materials, Treva Bug Fan works without any chemicals or toxins it is safe for pets as for children. The blades are smooth which stop when coming in contact with anything which prevents any type of injury from occurring.

A cost-effective solution Treva is available for purchase at a price of just $13 for each fan, which is an affordable solution to the bug problem you’re facing. Instead of buying new containers of insecticide every few weeks and instead of treating your yard regularly for insects, it’s possible to get an easy, secure and inexpensive solution for your insect issue.

Treva Bug Fan is a Mission Driven Company: Treva Bug Fan was created by a father as well as a family man with the intention of making sure that everyone can enjoy a clean outdoor adventure. The father was sick having family meal times interrupted due to bugs however, he was not inclined to use harmful sprays, so he took his experience in the development of products to create Treva Bug Fan. Treva Bug Fan.

Buy your Treva Bug Fan during its sale period. Only for a limited period!


Using bug sprays and other toxic chemicals, you can ward off bugs from during your picnic outdoors. While they may be effective for a short time they may affect health.

Here are some reasons to avoid insecticides and other harmful sprays, according to Treva:

Most common bug sprays use DEET, or N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, a chemical linked to severe health effects.

DEET is linked to respiratory problems as well as seizures in certain individuals.

Natural insect sprays and DEET-free alternatives may produce particle-sized particles that circulate you breathe, increasing the risk of having breathing problems.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The EPA recommends not to apply repellents on your eyes or to your mouth. Apply them to the skin, or on clothing. If you decide to apply repellents on foods, such as on a picnic, contact with your mouth may be needed.

Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan The Treva Bug Fan is different and offers a 100% chemical-free solution for your insect problems.


Treva Bug Fan comes supported by a positive online review by those who have used the fan for protection against insects of every kind. In actuality it has 325,000+ happy customers, The Treva Bug Fan is one of the top-rated and well-loved bug fans.


One customer said that the Treva Bug Fan was “great to deter flies” and she has claimed to use this fan inside her garden to keep them out of her grill while she cooks.

It’s a sought-after product. Treva Bug Fan makes a well-known gift, particularly for those who spend lots of time outdoors in their backyards or in the out in the open.

Restaurant owners have purchased an own Treva Bug Fan to keep bugs out. The device is silent it is safe and secure to deter insects, without flooding the customers with toxic chemicals. It’s a safe and non-toxic gadget. The Treva Bug Fan could be perfect for patios and restaurants that are outdoors for those looking for an alternative to bugs which do not change the environment or the scent.

It’s an Treva Bug Fan is a favorite for those who take a picnic without worrying about bugs. It’s as simple simply as placing the Treva Bug Fan on a table and turning it on. then remove it to get rid of any bugs naturally.

It’s also popular with campers. Treva Bug Fan is also loved by campers. Because the device runs on batteries (not electricity) it’s possible to use it even when you’re far from electricity. If you’re trying to keep insects from your dining area or keep insects out of your camping area or enhance your camping experience and relaxing, then the Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan Bug Fan can assist.

A third client has described the plastic blade’s form was “ingenious” because of the capability they possess to ward off bugs but not cause harm to humans.

Many customers are amazed by the design and design Treva Bug Fan, claiming they are stylish enough to blend into any style but effective in repelling pests.

Treva is one of the most sought-after pest repellent products available on Amazon that has garnered hundreds of positive reviews on the website. Users have rated Treva 4.4 five stars from five, with more than 2,000 reviews with the majority of buyers finding the product performs exactly the way it claims to repel pests without the use of harmful and harmful chemical.

Treva reviewers have given this product an average rating of 4.5 five stars out of five based on over 30 ratings except for one user who claimed that it worked as claimed to repel insects.

People Magazine chose Treva as their 2022 “Worth the Hype” winner The magazine stated Treva as “a picnic game changer that is sold out.”

Many users are happy with their experience with the Treva Bug Fan and how it functions. They are amazed by the fact that it performs exactly as it claims, keeping bugs out of the way, without toxic and harmful chemicals.


Treva Bug Fan Pricing

The Treva Bug Fan retails at $34.99 for each fan. A purchase of three or more sets of fans will help you save money.

Treva Bug Fan Pricing


  • 1 x Pair of Fans: $34.99 ($17.49 Per Fan) + Shipping
  • 2 x Pairs of Fans (Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off): $59.98 ($14.99 Per Fan) + Free US Shipping
  • 3 x Pairs of Fans (Buy 2, Get 1 Free): $79.98 ($13.33 Per Fan) + Free US Shipping


Each pair includes two full-sized Treva Bug Fans. They can be put to use in various locations around your home and can also be used for securing an outdoor area or table.


Treva Bug Fan is backed by a an unconditional 90-day return guarantee. The manufacturer provides a description of its Treva Bug Fan refund policy:

“If you are not completely happy with Treva You can simply return it for a refund without hassle.”

The item you buy must be brand new and in a clean condition to be eligible for a reimbursement. Additionally, you are accountable for returning shipping charges.

Returns Address: Treva Returns, 451 Trumpet Park Dr, Unit B, Zion, IL 60099


Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan was invented by a person called Jonathan who was tired of getting stung by insects when they were on vacation with his family. Family dinners were frequently interrupted by bugs. Jonathan did not like having toxic chemicals around the home of his family.

With his knowledge of the product design, Jonathan created a natural insect repellent that is safe as well as easy and effective. Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan Bug Fan was created after numerous tests in real-world settings.

The official website claims that Jonathan and his team have sold million of the Treva Bug Fans thus far, which makes Treva Bug one of the most desired organic insect repellents.


Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan Treva Bug Fan is a distinctive insect repellent device made by the use of holographic blades in order to prevent insects from infiltrating.

The spinning blades in the Treva Bug Fan spin create an image that is an ominous sight for pests and insects. They are aware of danger – not the best food source, and so they try to avoid.

It’s on sale for purchase on the Treva Bug Fan is exclusively available through the web at The cost is the low of $13.33 one unit.

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