Top 3 Plugins For Turning Your WordPress Website Into A Mobile App{2023}

Accessing your site should be as simple as it can be, regardless of whether you’re using a laptop or the mobile phone. But, in order to make it easier for your visitors it is possible that you may be considering making the WordPress site into a mobile application.

The procedure is much simpler than you believe. Actually it doesn’t require an entire team of programmers to build an WordPress mobile application. There are many plugins that can take care of the difficult work on your behalf.

In this article, we’ll discuss about the reasons it’s a good idea to develop a mobile application to you WordPress website. In the next article, we’ll discuss three plugins you can utilize to begin. Let’s get in!

Why You Should Create a Mobile App for Your Website

There are several ways to design an application for mobile devices on web-based sites. The most effective method is to hire developers who can develop the app completely from scratch to your smartphone Operating System (OS) you are looking to reach.

When you’re running WordPress for your site, you can choose a more simple option. You can install an extension that turns your website into a native application.

If you own an WordPress web site, which is predominantly focused on content, transforming it into an application can provide many advantages to your business, for example:

  • Store presence. Being present in the major app stores can boost your visibility and help get in front of a larger market.
  • Notifications via push. Mobile apps enable users to send messages directly on the devices of users. This can be a great tool to re-engage, reminds and updates or even promotions.
  • offline capabilities. While websites require an internet connection to run applications, they can offer specific features and services offline thereby increasing their accessibility.
  • Brand’s presence. Having an app installed on a device can enhance your brand’s presence and reach. It keeps your brand in the forefront in their mind.

It is important to realize that your website and mobile application should be able to complement one another. Certain users may prefer to browse your WordPress website using the web, while others will prefer the application. If you offer choices that users can choose from, you can increase your chances of getting repeat customers.

3 Best WordPress Plugins to Turn Your WordPress website into a mobile App

Let’s take a take a look at three plugins you can utilize to transform your WordPress website into a mobile-friendly application. Each one of them offers an alternative method therefore your decision will be based on the method you’d like to adopt.

1. Appful

Appful allows you to develop iOS as well as Android native mobile applications to the WordPress website in just a few minutes. The benefit of Appful is that you’ll get an entirely fully native iOS and Android application for your site rather than an app for your web (as in other alternatives). The content is continuously synced to your WordPress website it is also is continuously up to date.

With Appful, it is possible the option of customizing your mobile app in any moment with the live editor. Furthermore, the layouts for both the Android as well as iOS versions can be adapted to the particular OS.

The plugin is compatible with the Appful service that provides users the ability to access a web-based dashboard from which you can check the performance of your app along with push updates and gain access to marketing tools. Appful apps are compatible with mobile purchases and subscriptions, which means you’ll have a variety of ways to earn money for your site.

Cost: You can use Appful to develop free apps to test that work on iOS as well as Android. If you are satisfied with the result and you are satisfied, you can purchase the premium plan, beginning with $99 for a month that allows users to create and publish apps. Appful also has a no-cost support service that you can contact by email at mail(at)

2. Super PWA

“PWA” in Super PWA PWA in Super PWA is progressive web applications. PWA is a PWA is an application on the web which delivers websites in the form of a mobile application “wrapper”. Consider PWAs as a mix of full mobile applications and regular websites.

Instead of requiring users to create a mobile application, Super PWA will prompt users to make a shortcut on your site. The shortcut will look as any other icon on the smartphone. Users can utilize it to connect to your site using the simple interface of mobile apps.

Be sure to bear in your mind that PWAs generally do not offer the most customizable options or advanced app features. In the case of Super PWA, you get the option of setting up notifications as well as a splash screen for your website however that’s about all there is to it.

Cost:Super PWA offers a totally free version. It also has a premium version which allows you to create real APK installers to the app, and allows you to access data analytics. Prices start from $99 for a annual.

3. Appmaker

If you own an existing WooCommerce shop that you wish to convert into a mobile application, Appmaker can assist. The plugin will utilize your inventory from the past and turn it into a mobile-friendly shopping experience that enables customers to purchase items and keep track of their purchases.

With Appmaker it is possible to personalize your store’s interface by using drag-and-drop builders. The app is also compatible with multi-lingual stores and is compatible with several well-known WooCommerce Extensions.

To utilize Appmaker You’ll need to create an account. Once you’ve signed up, through the dashboard for plugins you can make your app available on both iOS as well as Android stores and track the performance of your app.

Pricing:The Appmaker plugin is free, however you must purchase an annual subscription in order to build and launch an app for your online store. The subscription starts with 499 dollars each month.


The development of a mobile application can be extremely beneficial to your company. It allows you to get more people to your website and utilize push notifications to increase leads.

To summarize this, below are three plugins that you can make your WordPress website into a mobile-friendly app:

  • Appful : This plugin can be used with any type of WordPress websites, and offers you the ability to control the way your app appears and performs.
  • Super PWA : PWAs aren’t as user-friendly as fully-featured apps, but this plugin lets you make one for free, and is a great choice for blogs that are small.
  • Appmaker : You can make use of this plugin in order to build a mobile application to the WooCommerce store and to customize it to your needs.

Have you got any questions regarding how to build an app that is mobile-friendly for the WordPress website? Tell us in the comment section below!

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