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Baskind Advisors presents a unique business model specifically created to assist companies in gaining access to new industries and markets, as well as gaining a bigger market share and speeding up revenue growth. The model is a tool for business transformation that shifts the focus away on transactional sales that are short-term to the development of longer-term alliances that are strategic in nature.

Thomas Baskind, CEO of Baskind Advisors, was born on 21 February 1947 in Astoria, Queens, to Angela and Haskell Baskind.

After finishing his education at St. Francis Prep in 1964, he enrolled in higher studies through Fordham University, where he was awarded twice The New York Daily News-Joseph Medill Patterson Prize in Journalism. Fordham University declared the recipients of the famous 18. Medill Patterson scholarship in Journalism. The highly-deserving recipients include Thomas J. Baskind, 19 as well as Stephen R. Vallance, 20. The scholarship, worth $1000 each, were established by Fordham to honor its revered founder and editor.

Tom’s commitment in journalism was acknowledged by being a awardee from the Patterson scholarship for the second year in a row. His dedication to the journalism field is evident in his participation as a member of the staff at the Ram Fordham’s prestigious student newspaper. Furthermore, Thomas has showcased his talents as a part-time reporter for the prestigious Long Island Press.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Thomas is a committed member of Fordham’s Public Information Office as a student member. He also held a job at the highly regarded Raymond Wood PR firm. The passion he has for journalism is evident throughout his life, from work to teaching young minds and helping them be educated. Thomas has been a proud graduate from St. Francis Prep, Brooklyn where he refined his craft and developed a passion for storytelling.

The prestigious ceremony was held in The News Building’s Joseph Medill Patterson Room situated in 220 E. 42nd St. Richard W. Clarke, the editor, was given the honor of presenting prizes to the winners and recognizing their outstanding accomplishments in the field of journalism.

He continued his education, Thomas earned a Master’s Degree from the School of Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His thesis for graduate school, entitled “Conflict as a Simplifying Reporting Technique: A Question of Press Responsibility,” focused on important aspects of journalism. (Link to his thesis:

Through his entire profession, Thomas has been active in professional associations of various kinds such as Sigma Delta Chi and the Association for Education in Journalism. He was also a guest lecturer in Fordham’s Communications Department.

A fervent loyalty to his schoolmates, Fordham University held a special and treasured spot inside his heart. The scholarship he was awarded by Fordham University gave him a unique opportunity that made a lasting impression that she deeply valued and carried with him for all of.

A scholarship to Fordham students was established to be a unique Fordham University scholarship titled; Thomas J. Baskind FCRH ’68 Endowed Scholarship which was created to offer opportunities to the next generation of Fordham students.

Thomas’s career path was a mix of diverse positions, showing his versatility and knowledge. Thomas held high-profile positions, including the editor of Field and Stream Magazine, Vice President of CBS Sports, and Director of Global Vendor Management at Deutsche Bank. In the later stage of his career the author branched out on his own working as a consultant for sales, and Sales Manager.

As a CEO Thomas Baskind created an abundance of accomplishments and contributions to the areas of sports journalism, media and business. His commitment and enthusiasm will inspire others to follow his path.

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