The World Is Burning: Why You Still Care About the Earth! Read Now!{2023}

Earth Day was on April 22 this year (of course, I didn’t remember about it yet again) And I am looking at my laptop’s screen with disgust. I have recently completed reading an article that states that the forests will disappear in about 79 years. 

The amount of biodiversity is at its lowest level the level it has ever been and natural catastrophes are in full swing in addition, the Earth is in flames (literallyit’s that’s right, the Earth is increasing its temperature 10 times more quickly that its temperature has in more than 65 million of years).

It can be extremely difficult for the majority of us to maintain an optimistic mindset even when it appears as if the ground beneath our feet is flailing as the sky is giving way in. The pressure is rising over Gen Z to fix our declining planet which is why we are being informed that there is no way to fix it. is not yet time to undo all the harm caused by previous generations. It’s not difficult to blame other people for the current state of this world, this isn’t likely to melt the ice caps or fill gaps in the layers of ozone. I am also of the opinion that we must not shut our to the issuebecause we can observe the extent this has led us to.

There is some middle ground between total complacency and panicked despair However, it is difficult to attain for a large portion of us, particularly the young people of the present. Everyone of us respond to stress in a different way. There are environmentalists fighting for the protection and conservation of the Earth each day, and there are those who insist the idea that climate change is an untrue concept.

For Earth Day, I present an opportunity to everyone of youto take your nihilism and fear that you’ve been accumulating and transform it into action. Remember that taking action is always better than wading in the apathy.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics as Much as Possible:

It might seem like a waste of time however, removing plastic will change the way you live! Start with a small amount by making use of an refillable water bottle, or reused container for your meals.

Support Local and Sustainable Businesses:

Shopping local is more than just help small-scale business owners It also helps the environmental as well! Buying products from local shops can reduce your carbon footprint. Make sure to do your research and look for companies that employ sustainable methods. The purchase of second-hand items is an excellent option to reduce your carbon footprint while shopping.

Reduce Energy Consumption:

More than ever before, cities are getting more accessible by bikes and on foot. Making the decision to bike or walk around, or even to carpool when you can, can make a difference in your energy usage. Keep track of the amount of power you use in your home. you may discover that you might be able to reduce the temperature of your air conditioner by a couple of degrees!

Advocate for Change:

You can campaign for change in policy on an local scale by calling elected representatives currently in office as well as supporting groups who work to implement environmental policies. Be sure to educate you and your fellow citizens about the effects of climate change.

If one or more of these seem too overwhelming If you’re not sure, there are some ways you can use to help spread awareness of climate change: You can make a brief posting via social networks, or donate to a charity or nonprofit with a focus on conservation or reforestation or support projects in research and development that focus on sustainable technology.

Earth Day is a reminder that we each have the responsibility of protecting the environment for the next generation. But it is crucial to let this responsibility drive activism and action instead of worry. It is time to work together to build an environmentally sustainable future to our planet!

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