The Hottest Faux Locs with Curl: A Stylish Trend You Need to Try

False locs are a well-loved hairstyle for a while in the past, providing a versatile and fashionable style that is appealing to people of all hair kinds. For people with curly hair Faux locs can be a fun and fashionable way to change up your look. In this post, we’ll go deeper into faux locs for curly hair and explore the advantages and styling techniques maintenance, and more.


Faux locs have become an increasingly popular hairstyle for protection which resembles the look and feel of traditional locs but without the commitment to long-term. This type of hairstyle is especially appealing to those who have curly hair as it offers an opportunity to play with volume and texture.

What Are Faux Locs?

Faux locs, which is short for “false dreadlocks,” involve the addition of extensions to your natural hair in order to create the look like real locs. The extensions can be constructed from a variety of materials like human or synthetic hair, which gives you a variety of options.

Why do fake locks have curly Hair?

Curly hair has its own unique charisma and charm. Combining the beauty of fake locs with the natural appeal of curls provides a stunning visual effect that is powerful and stunning. It’s a means to appreciate your natural hair texture and enjoy your benefits from a flexible and a protective hairstyle.

Preparing Your Curly Hair for Faux Locs

Before you embark on your faux locs adventure It is essential to prepare your curly hair in a way that is suitable:

Moisturize and Hydrate

Curly hair is generally dryer than normal which is why keeping it well-moisturized is crucial. Apply a leave-in conditioner that is hydrating to keep the condition and the elasticity that your curly hair has.

Detangle Your Curls

Hair that is smooth and free of tangles is vital for a smooth installation. You can detangle your curls with the wide-tooth comb, or your fingers to avoid breakage or knots.

Trim Your Ends

The snipping off of broken ends or damaged areas of your hair prior to installation will make your faux locks appear neater and last longer.

The Faux Locs Installation Process

Getting your faux locs just right requires careful execution:

Choosing the Right Extensions

Choose extensions that complement the texture and shade of your curls. This will create a harmonious and natural appearance that effortlessly blends in.

Creating the Faux Locs

The process of installation includes wrapping extensions in your hair beginning at the root and moving down. The result is an exquisitely hairstyle that is voluminous and well-textured.

How to Style your Faux Locs using Curls

Once your fake locks are in place Once your faux locs are in place, it’s time to play around with different styles that complement your curls

Half-Up Half-Down Curls

Make the top part of your faux hair to form a half-up ponytail permitting your curls to fall easily.

The Braided Crown has Curls and Braided

Make a braided crown on your hairline, and let your remaining curls dangle down.

High Ponytail that has Curls

You can swivel your faux locs into an high ponytail and let the curls frame your face.

Maintaining Your Faux Locs and Curly Hair

Maintaining your fashionable look requires the following steps:

Nighttime Care

Cover your hair in silk scarfs prior to the bedtime to reduce frizz and preserve the quality the curl.

Refreshing Your Curls

Infuse your curls using a mix of conditioner and water to restore their form and bounce.

Switching Up Your Look

Keep the fun going by adding a faux-loc and curls

Beads and Accessories

Add some beads or cuffs to your faux loots to give them a bohemian style.

Headscarves and Wraps

Make a headband with a vibrant design or wrap it around your locs for a the most chic and versatile look.

Pros and Pros and Faux Locs with Curly Hair

Before making your final decision take into consideration the following factors:


  • Guard your natural curls
  • Styles that are low-maintenance
  • Versatility in fashions


  • Installation time
  • The extension’s weight is a factor in the extension’s length.
  • The potential for tension to be felt on your scalp


False locs that have curly hair offer an excellent way to showcase your natural curls and embrace an elegant and fashionable hairstyle. The combination of textures creates a stunning visual effect that is sure to make heads turn.


  1. What is the length of time can I keep fake locs that have curls? Faux locs can generally be kept in between 6 and 8 weeks, however it’s important to check the health of your natural hair.
  2. Do I have the ability to swim in the water with faux locks? Yes, you can however, it is recommended to cover your hair with the use of a cap to swim and then rinse thoroughly following the swim.
  3. Do fake locs cause breakage of hair? When installed and properly maintained the faux locs should not cause hair loss.
  4. Do I have the ability to colour faux loc extensions? It’s best to color the extensions prior to installation in order in order to protect the natural hair.
  5. Do I wash fake locs that have curls? Diluted shampoo can be applied to your scalp then followed by an rinse. Be careful not to over-manipulate your hair in order to preserve the integrity of your curls.

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