Shroud Net Worth: Is It Real Lifestyle Check Here!

Michael Grzesiek is 26 years old. He is a Canadian streamer and YouTuber. But the YouTuber is most famous by his nickname, Shroud. Shroud is famous for his first-person shooter games and a variety of Battle Royale-themed games.

Shroud started the professional game in “Slow Motion” in 2013. Did you not know that Shroud is an ex-professional player in the sport “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?” in the gaming industry? He is widely regarded as one of the best aimers.

In the year 2019 Shroud was awarded the “Content Creator of the Year” Award by The Game Awards. Learn additional information about the net worth of Shroud when we explore his work.

Net worth and income sources.

Shroud has managed to collect more than $200k worth of price money while in the same league as Cloud 9. He was awarded $40k during ESL Pro League Season 4.

Imagine being paid to do something you enjoy. That’s what happens to Shroud. In 2020 Shroud’s wealth is estimated at 12 million dollars.

In his most productive moments in pitching the salary he earns per month is estimated at around $80k, based on his subscriptions. This figure excludes income from donations, sponsored teams and advertisements. When totaled his salary per month is approximately $100,000.

In the case of his YouTube channel the videos receives at least 500k viewers every single time. This means that he gets approximately $400-$500k per year.

House, Car, Property, Lifestyle.

Shroud was born in Ontario, Canada. But, he moved from Ontario to Orange County in California. Shroud revealed to his followers that he was moving.

Unfortunately, he failed to provide out vital details regarding the location. What kind of vehicle does he use? Sorry to disappoint that, but Shroud is so busy streaming games to have no time to share photos of his vehicles via social media.

Career Highlights.

Following his experience through Slow Motion, Shroud joined other E-Sports Entertainment League Teams. These included Manajuma along with Exertus eSports. In 2014 the player got contracted by compLexity Gaming (as stand-in) and later by Cloud 9.

In 2016, he led Cloud 9 to victory by taking first place during ESL Pro League Season 4 and a second place the next one year (at ESL One Cologne). In the year 2018, Shroud retired from professional CS: GO to become a full-time streamer on Twitch.

Shroud really did go quite a distance. Through the years Shroud has risen to immense recognition in the world of YouTube as well as Twitch. At present, he enjoys 8.3 million fans on Twitch and 6.6 million viewers on YouTube. Live streams are live on his channel. Shroud plays games such as GameUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Call of Duty as well as Fortnite.

In the last quarter of 2018 Shroud announced to his followers that he was moving to Microsoft Mixer. However, it was not able to work as Microsoft was closing down the mixer to join forces to Facebook Gaming. In August of 2020, Shroud made an official announcement that he was going to stream only on Twitch.

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