Ninja Net Worth: Complete Info Here!

Ninja is without doubt one of the well famous online game streaming services across the globe. The esports player gained notoriety in 2018 following his Fortnite match alongside Drake as well as Travis Scott which was participated by over 600,000 spectators.

Due to his immense success and continuing popularity What is Ninja Net worth by 2023? He certainly is making an impressive amount! Keep watching until the end of this article to discover some interesting information about Ninja as well as the amount earned through his participation in the Mixer deal!

Ninja Net Worth in 2023

What’s Ninja net worth? If you’re a keen gamer, you’ve pondered this question through your head many times.

The first is that Ninja holds the top position in terms of followers of all streams that are active on Twitch at 18.43 million. Then, he also has 23.80 million followers to YouTube.

The huge success of this game means Ninja is estimated to have a total worth of $40,000 in 2022. It’s surprising that Twitch and YouTube are not the primary reason for this amazing position.

Ninja’s Mixer Deal

Despite being among the top-grossing Twitch streamers in the early days, Ninja signed a multi-year contract with Mixer which was then owned by Microsoft. streamer of video.

The YouTube star was reported to have earned 40 million dollars from the deal that required him to quit his lucrative Twitch career in the dust.

Then, a year later Microsoft made the decision to transfer Mixer over to Facebook Gaming after it failed to deliver the results expected.

Meta has reportedly has reportedly offered Ninja an option to remain with them but the latter did not accept.

According to sources, Microsoft gave Ninja $33 million in exchange for the deal that was never completed, which has contributed to his current net worth.

Ninja’s Twitch Earnings After Comeback

Ninja was earning an estimated $350,000 a month before his Twitch demise in the year the year 2019. Data leaked to the public showed that Fortnite’s star made $1.37 million over 14 months since joining Twitch in August of this year. Let’s examine the data from Ninja’s Twitch monthly subscription earnings in September 2020, one month after his return.

Ninja was home to 26,502 customers in the month. They were classified in Amazon Prime, Tier 1 Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 paywalls for membership.

  • 916 Amazon Prime subscribers for $2.50 per month. equals $22,990
  • 14.095 Tier 1 subscribers for $4.99 each equals $70,334.05
  • The 52 Tier 2 members are $9.99 per subscriber = $519.48
  • Tier 3 subscribers 66 for $24.99 each equals $1,649.34

Ninja earned $95,492.87 in his first month on Twitch.

Ninja’s Twitch Popularity

Ninja is the most popular channel of fans on Twitch with 18.4 million at the time of writing. However, this may not last long, as the actor announced off to stream in the month of September.

Ninja said he’s taking to take a break from streaming. He also declared that he isn’t sure what the duration of his break will last and when Ninja will stage a comeback.

Ninja’s Waning Subscription Earning

Prior to this announcement Ninja has already seen his Twitch subscription diminish, falling in the wake of higher-income players such as xQc.

Below are the details on Ninja’s monthly subscription income through Twitch from August 20, 2022, one month prior to his streaming pause.

Ninja was home to just 5,963 customers in the month of March, which was classified as Amazon Prime, Tier 1 Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 paywalls for membership.

  • 2.663 Amazon Prime subscribers for $2.50 per month equals $6,658.80
  • 2.467 Tier 1 subscribers for $4.99 each equals $12,310.33
  • Ten Tier 2 customers at $9.99 per subscriber = $99.90
  • 12. Tier 3 subscriber at $24.99 for each. $299.88

Ninja earned $19,368.88 prior to his most recent departure, which was a major reduction from his earnings at Tweak prior to his switch to Mixer in 2019.

Ninja’s Twitch Stats

In addition to our insider information regarding Ninja wealth, let’s examine the latest Twitch statistics.

Follower number: Ninja currently has the most users of all on Twitch with 18.40 million

Average number of viewers: Ninja’s streams have 11,211 viewers per stream.

The all-time high viewer number: Ninja’s all-time peak viewer count is 616,693. According to the report, the actor was featured on Fortnite’s high-profile streams alongside celebrities from Hollywood’s most adored such as Drake as well as Travis Scott

Ninja’s Twitch Stats per Game

Ninja is also known by the name of “Fortnite King” and rightfully that’s the case. Apart from his first obsession, he also moves across popular online games, including PUBG Battlegrounds Z1 Battle Royale, Valorant, League of Legends and Final Fantasy XI.

Here’s Ninja’s steaming game status:


  • The most popular stream has an average of is 10,000 viewers
  • The total number of players on Fortnite: 10.40 million followers
  • The total number of hours streamed: 5,702

PUBG Battlegrounds

  • The most popular stream has an average of was 56,500 viewers
  • The total number of followers on PUBG Battlegrounds 206,000 people follow PUBG Battlegrounds.
  • Total amount of hours of streamed time 1 413 hours

Z1 Battle Royale

  • The typical number of stream viewers is 3,600 viewers
  • Total number of fans in Z1 Battle Royale: 146,000 followers
  • The total amount of hours streamed: 988 hours


  • The average number of viewers per stream is 9,600 viewers.
  • The total quantity of Valorant’s followers Valorant 503,000 followers
  • Total amount of hours of streaming: 616 hours

League of Legends

  • The most popular stream has an average of was 8,800 viewers
  • The total number of fans in League of Legends: 114,000 followers
  • Total amount of hours streamed: 543

Final Fantasy XI

  • The average number of viewers per stream is 3,900 viewers.
  • The total quantity of people following Final Fantasy XI: 60,000 followers
  • Total amount of hours streamed: 323


Ninja wealth is estimated 40 million dollars in 2022. Although it sounds simple to climb to the top however, it isn’t. Fortnite King has actually been playing esports since 2009. Ninja has devoted long, long hours of streaming in order to make his name out there and to gain the huge acclaim currently.

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