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What do we need to be aware of regarding NETPOPU.COM? Webpage of NETPOPU.COM?

Netpopu is an online shop which offers CREW MIDLAYER JACKET FOR MEN and the classic Love Bag with Click Chevron Love Birds belt with crocodile print, slim-fit leather-effect trousers over-sized sneakers made of rubber products that are part of the large-sized rubberised sneakers category as well as collections.

The Whois database indicates that the site was created on the 12th of May 2023. It will expire on 12th May 2024. This site’s trust rating for the website is 11 percent.


  • Website name: Netpopu
  • Email:
  • Contact address: Not available
  • Contact number Contact number: None
  • Types of Product: Oversized rubberised sneakers
  • Its Product Name: MEN’S CREW MIDLAYER SAILING JACKET Classic Love Bag Click Chevron Love Birds belt with crocodile print, leather-effect slim-fit pants and oversized sneakers
  • Pay options include: Online payment
  • Date for delivery COVID-19 Pandemic Update We would like to ensure the safety of your family members and friends safe during these uncertain and difficult times. As we observe the COVID-19 Pandemic is growing, the main goal of our organization is to safeguard the health and well-being for our workers and the families of their loved ones as well with our many customers, partners, and vendors. We want to let you know that we will carry on our operations in a swift and responsible manner. There might be a few small interruptions to the process when we respond and adhere to the social and safety rules to protect our employees as well as their health. We are processing your order quickly as fast as we can. The COVID-19 Pandemic could cause delays in the processing of orders made by Vendors and slow delivery times from shipping companies and slow down the entire procedure of processing an order. We work hard to ensure that every order gets handled quickly. Customer Service is our number one priority. What is the reason my order is shipped from China? Because all of our products need to go through customs in China to ensure security due to the presence the COVID-19 influence.Thus it usually takes longer to deliver. To stop the spread of the disease and making sure that our customers are safe. How long will it take me to get it? And If so what is the reason it takes so long? Starting from the moment you place your order, then pay, and then be waiting between 10 and 35 days before an delivery date for your purchase. We’re sorry for the lengthy waiting period. The reason for this is that our products are made in China and can be accepted as screening at borders. It will take about 10 days for the checks to be processed before they reach your address. What will be the cost of my shipping? Shipping costs are calculated automatically prior to you have submitted your payment details. Add items to your shopping cart and then visit the Checkout page. Here you’ll see Shipping Method options and their prices.
  • The policy for refunds is We’ll happily provide an entire reimbursement for any item returned not used within 30 days of when the item was delivered. Once you’ve used the item and it’s no longer as brand new and will be valued based on the condition of the returned item (limited by 30 days following when the item was delivered). You can return nearly all brand new, unopened items within 30 days from the date you received the item for an entire reimbursement. We’ll also cover the costs of returning the item in the case that the return is because an error on our part (you received a non-suitable or defective product.). You should expect be reimbursed within four weeks of delivering your returned package to the shipping company however, most often you’ll receive your money earlier. This includes the time that is required for us to receive your package from the shipping firm (5 10 business days) and the time it takes us to have to deal with your request after we’ve received the package (3 to 5 business days) and the time it takes banks to approve your return request (5 as long as 10 business days). If you are required to return an item, simply sign in to your account then look up your order by click on”Complete orders” in”Complete Purchases”. Click on the “Complete Purchases” link in the menu My Account menu, then choose for return of an Item(s) alternative. We’ll notify you by email about your refund once we’ve received and processed the return item.
  • Social media links: None

You can evaluate the legitimacy of the website through the following data. Let’s look at the website’s strengths and drawbacks.

Negatives of this Website NETPOPU’S Drawbacks Include:

The site’s poor credibility rating at 11 % can cause doubts about trust between Internet users as well as the other users of Internet Explorer. Other websites have provided negative reviews about the site as well as feedbacks.The domain name used for the website was registered just recently and is believed to be 12 May 2023. The domain expires on 12th May 2024. It raises doubts about its authenticity.

The advantages of this site THE NETPOPU AVANTAGES COMPRISE:

  • This website gives users the authentic SSL certificate and HTTPS to guarantee their security.
  • The website offers all possible policies that are in effect and applicable that customers can ask for.

It seems that you are aware of the negatives of this website as well as the benefits. Let’s look at the evidence to determine if this site is authentic or is a scam. Go through the following article and make sure you comment if you’ve used the site. Your feedback can be beneficial to those who are doubtful about the authenticity of the site. We welcome any feedback you make.

The following facts can tell whether you are certain that the NETPOPU Website is authentic or not:

  • Website Age 12th May, 2023. It will expire on the 12th of May in 2024. According to whois.
  • Maximum Discount Coupons: Upto 90% off
  • Website’s Trust Score 1%
  • The legitimacy of the contact information: Not available
  • Customer Complaints We don’t have any reviews, nor ratings.
  • The legitimacy of the Email ID:
  • Returns and exchanges: Our provides you with our exclusive 30 day “no lemon policy”. The policy says that should your device has been broken (within 30 days from the date of purchase) we’ll arrange for it to be picked up by UPS (free of charge, however it exempts International customers) and then replace the equipment instead of having to wait for warranty services. The equipment is returned to you by UPS ground service for absolutely no cost (International customers are not included). If you’ve altered your equipment in any way, the device is not believed to be defective, and thus is not covered by this policy. After 30 days, the buyer is responsible for transportation and handling charges when they return their equipment to our site to get warranty service. If the item is received back by us we’ll or replace it with a fresh design or replace it in accordance with the warranty policy of the manufacturer (please ask us for specific warranties provided by the manufacturers). Our website will then ship the equipment to you via UPS ground service at no cost of charge (International clients aren’t eligible).

Many frequently asked questions regarding the RETAIL LOCATION OF THIS STORE:

Did We Find The Website Is Fake? Netpopu Site To Be A Fake?

We believe that this site is a rip-off.

Do You Think That The Website is Supposed To False or Trustworthy Website?

It’s possible that Netpopu com is a fake website. We don’t advise visitors to our website to make any online transactions from Netpopu com. Netpopu com website.

Does this site appear to be authentic or is it True?

Based on our research, the store appears to be authentic

Our understanding of NETPOPU

We consider this site to be a scam from our personal experience. We won’t recommend our readers to buy from this website.

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