NetNut Proxy Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{Aug-2023} Read Here!

Do you want to stay clear of frustrating website blockages and a poor internet connectivity? Do not exhale with a snort now! NetNut proxy will glid through online walls and tunnels like ninja to you!

NetNut Proxy is a reliable proxy service firm. It gives users access to a vast and large number of proxy address. It provides secure, efficient and, more importantly private internet browsing.

In its first foray into the cyberspace it gathered more than 52 million high-end proxies. The rate of success for proxy proxies is 91%. We’re sure that you’ll be awestruck to talk about this amazing rate and data.

Furthermore, the company was featured in various prominent media, including Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg,and Business Insider. Additionally, they gain over 300plus fans through Facebook along with Twitter.

Want to know how the company get noticed in the proxy industry? Take a look at the NetNut Reviews to discover the answer! We’ll also assist you in the registration process and also locating discounts. Let’s go!

A brief overview of the NetNut Proxy

NetNut Proxy has deep networking roots. It was founded in the year 2017 and is a division that is part of Safe-T Group Ltd. It is a well-known world-wide cyber security service. This is why the company has access to a range of IP addresses.

The company’s role as a proxy service provider is growing rapidly. The company’s technology and traffic diverting have been utilized in over 200 internet service providers. This makes it more appealing for customers to use their services.

Additionally, it is an exclusive mixed network comprised of IP ISP, IP, and a dynamic proxy. It is the ideal option for users who want to collect large amounts of data.

Highlights from NetNut Proxy

  • Hybrid network
  • Best premium proxies pricing
  • Most secure and fastest proxy servers
  • Stability of the proxy network
  • Fast data collection
  • The most efficient Account Manager
  • Customer service that is quick and responsive
  • Solutions that are tailored to your needs

NetNut Proxy Reviews

The goal of Internet users is speedy large, secure and wide access to information. But there’s more than that in NetNut Proxy..

As we mentioned the brand provides an extensive range that includes IP addresses. It has IP addresses from more than 72 countries. It provides a broad real-time browsing.

This feature lets you browse local websites as well as collect data and perform web-based activities without infringing on the site. It is possible to share access to data through proxy services as hub.

When it comes to the speed of data transfer, be at ease. The company has designed its network to support speedy data transfer. So, even if you attempt to access content that is geo-restricted you will be able to access it fast.

Another thing that is noteworthy regarding this company is their highest-quality client service. The team of experts is dedicated to providing customized solutions for every customer.

Okay, this brand has caught your interest. We’ll keep you fascinated by showing you the four major services of this company. Let’s move on into the following section!

NetNut Proxy Rotating Residential Proxies Reviews

The majority of people require a tool that can crawl the internet in other areas. This company offers the Rotating Proxies for Residential Use to enable data collection to be faster and simpler.

The proxies quickly switch between different IP addresses for every request. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about region-based restrictions on content. The company owns 52 million+ auto-rotating proxy servers that you can use for scraping your website privately.

“Limit” isn’t in the company dictionary. Users are granted an unlimited number of sessions to rotate their proxy. So, you can swap IP addresses as often as you’d like. Additionally, the company permits users to enjoy smooth internet browsing because they don’t have IP blockages.

Maybe you’re a person who doesn’t like CAPTCHAs. We too! It’s true that the brand can beat the CAPTCHAs and other anti-bots easily. So, you can behave like a normal internet user and stay away from security alerts easily.


  • The combination between ISP as well as P2P proxy networks is the best way to provide service
  • Exedite web scraping
  • ASN support
  • There is no need for an mediator

Are you willing to explore the web without limitations? Make your data collection more expansive by using this amazing proxy. With a cost range of $300 to $5000/month it is possible to go against the walls of boundaries within your region.

NetNut Proxy Static Residential Proxies Reviews

Residential proxy can be divided into two. One is static proxy. The company does not want to be a lone digit. They offer static residential proxy services. This allows you to use unlimited amounts of data.

To facilitate your browsing on the internet to be more enjoyable, the company has created 1Mplus static IPs which aren’t easily recognized. In contrast to their dynamic counterparts static proxies offer stable IP addresses. They provide a continuous internet presence, wherever you go.

These proxy servers are accessible 24/7 and offer lifetime web sessions. You are free to explore the internet. Additionally, this proxy provides an optimal speed for data transfer. This means you’ll experience speedy connections. Instead, responses come at lightning speed.

Additionally is that this proxy can be quickly connected to any tool for development. You can make use of ISP network access to meet various applications. It is, most importantly, completely anonymous.


  • Get a static IP by utilizing global ISP assignment
  • 24/7 access, complete anonymity, and speed
  • ISP proxy networks to support numerous usage scenarios
  • Flexible pricing

If you’re looking to get low-cost static proxies, consider the services offered by this brand. They offer flexible pricing that can be adjusted to your budget, ranging from $350up to $5000 per month..

NetNut Proxy Datacenter Proxies Reviews

Another proxy type one can use is Datacenter Proxies. The company provides this type for people with a smaller budget, but who still require an extremely fast connection.

If residential proxies are directly connected together with their Local ISP providers, the datacenters are sourced from 150K worldwide internet IPs for datacenters. The price is lower however it has the capacity to scale up. It is a proxy that delivers optimal performance.

Furthermore, it boasts 99.99 percent uptime. This feature lets users scrape data fast and without issues. The proxy is also able to seamlessly integrate with a variety of tools for scraping web pages. It is possible to integrate it into your existing workflows with no trouble.

The company also provides an dashboard for monitoring and managing the use of datacenter proxy servers. It offers real-time statistics on usage and a simple setup. It’s not difficult as the interface is simple to comprehend.


  • Multiple domains, concurrent sessions and unlimited domains
  • Simple proxy control using an intuitive dashboard
  • Maximum uptime
  • Price that is affordable

Thus, we suggest Datacenter Proxies to those who require the best access, but have a budget. You can avail a variety of features starting at $100 to $1000 per month.

What is NetNut Proxy? How Does It Do Its Work?

Have you thought of how you can be a part of NetNut Proxy? Have you not yet? We’ll show you how to register to this service of the company. Be sure to follow the directions below!

  1. The first step is to sign up and log in to the official site
  2. Find the service you require
  3. Select the best strategy.
  4. Complete the form in its entirety. Personal and business information.
  5. After that, click ‘checkout to review your order
  6. Pay your bill, then you’re all done!

The steps are simple for everyone to understand the steps. Have you picked the best proxy strategy?

NetNut Proxy Pros & Cons

In this review, we will give you a complete overview of the advantages and disadvantages for NetNut Proxy. Thus, keep your eyes to the following table!


  • Huge residential IP pool
  • High-speed performance
  • Secure and private connection
  • Accessing the internet anonymously
  • Bypassing CAPTCHA
  • Excellent customer service
  • Account manager for support


  • A little expensive when as compared to conventional proxy servers for data centers.

Who is NetNut Proxy Used For?

Do you require an intermediary server to access and gather data in restricted zones? Then NetNut Proxy is suitable choice for you. NetNut Proxy is a brand that is a service for all and all industries that have specialized web-related requirements. It includes web scrapping employees up to web developers as well as IT experts.

Additionally, the ability to access data within limited areas make this company ideal for SEO experts as well as Social media administrators. Since the job involves monitoring results from search engines and analysing competitors, it is easy to achieve this task using this brand.

Is NetNut Proxy worth It?

When you look at the incredible features and services they provide along with the positive feedback from customers We’re confident that this company is worth every penny. It is a vast IP database, super-fast connectivity and seamless merging.

Additionally, the company enhances anonymity to an extremely high degree and allows users to cross boundaries without being detected by the website’s systems. Additionally, a great customer service ensures that users receive the most effective solution.

Is NetNut Proxy Legit?

The internet can be a source to make us nervous. This could make you skeptical about this business. However, you can take at peace knowing that NetNut Proxy’s service is legitimate.

What can we do to find out? Like we said this brand is part that is part of Safe-T Group Ltd. The company has already earned good regard in the world of cybersecurity.

Additionally, the label has a number of positive reviews from its customers. A lot of people are helped by this excellent service. Therefore, there is no reason to worry for a second.

How to Reach NetNut Proxy

We put in a lot of effort to ensure that you can find all the information you’re searching for within the NetNut Proxy reviews. However, if you need to ask a question The company has come up with a number of options to utilize:

  • Chat live at the official website
  • Complete your contact details on the Contact Form
  • WhatsApp: 1-513-923-7232
  • Customer support email:
  • Sales support email:
  • Skype: netnut.sales
  • Telegram: netnut_io
  • Discord:

The knowledgeable and friendly customer service team will be there to assist you on Sundays and Thursdays, from 10:00 AM until 07.00 pm GMT.

Where to purchase NetNut Proxy?

Are you looking to learn more about, or sign up to NutNet Proxy right away? The best place to visit is their web site. There is a user-friendly interface that lets you experience joy while exploring the site.

The end of NetNut Proxy Review & Ratings

to meet the demands of web surfers. NetNut Proxy stands as a solid and reliable proxy service. It offers a wide range of IP addresses for residential use, a secure online identity, as well as high-speed performance. These features make it the ideal choice to be a virtual friend.

If you’re a digital marketing professional or an owner of an e-commerce business This company has got your back. Go to their official website to take your online browsing to a new level. Accessing information from anywhere is not a problem when NetNux Proxy is at your disposal.

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