Medicines Are The Biggest Enemy Of The Kidneys: Read Now! Eat Less Of Them! {2023}

The experts on kidney disease claim that in 60 % of cases the damage to kidneys is due to medications prescribed for other conditions. This is why it is important to be vigilant with the use of medications to safeguard the kidneys. Avoid taking or take any medication which could cause harm to the kidneys.

In a virtual presentation at “Kidney Manthan” hosted through Emil Pharmaceuticals on Friday, Professor of Internal Medicine, Bangalore Medical College and Research Center, Prabhu S. stated that. Referring to several studies that were conducted in India as well as abroad in his talk that medications ranging from painkillers to antibiotics, antibacterial and anti fungal medications, as well as anti cancer and psychiatric medications can cause damage to the kidneys. The use of drugs is the cause for 60 percent of cases of kidney damage that is severe. These medications affect kidney function through increasing the amount of cells as well as free radicals. They also contribute to creating inflammation.

He also kept the information for dozens of such medications however, he said one of the main things to consider is how to stay clear of risk. It is essential that these medicines not be consumed as they can harm kidneys. There are usually a number of alternatives to the drug. If alternatives aren’t available, then a the medicine at a low dose should be used and is recommended to only take it for a short duration. Many people take multiple medications for long periods of time without consulting a doctor. If there are any damages to the kidneys associated with that drug that could pose an issue.

Intention of creating awareness

Co-morbidities cause 60 percent instances of damage to the kidneys.

Final Words

Dr. Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director at Emil Pharma, said that for protection of kidneys don’t take or even take drugs that can harm them.

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