Know Celebrities Investing In Real Estate In Dubai: Read!

Dubai is one of the cities that exudes promising bright hopes for an exciting future. It’s a popular destination for the business community, celebrities and tourists due to its towering buildings, sandy beaches, and famous shopping. 

Real estate in Dubai It is regarded as one of the most sought-after places around the globe and it’s not surprising that many famous people have decided to get their own piece of paradise on Earth. If you’re looking to join the ranks of gifted people, you should buy one of them. 1100+ properties available for sale in Dubai Enjoy your new lifestyle and have fun. Let’s take an examination of famous individuals who have invested in real estate Dubai.

David and Victoria Beckham

The couple David and Victoria Beckham found a cozy spot in paradise on the artificial island of Palma Jumeirah back in 2008. They built a stunning beach home, but did not decide to remain there permanently. They were able to make a profit in the city’s rapid growth. After purchasing the land to develop it for 1.6 million they later sold the house they built for $5 million. They made a profit through the venture.

James Ross

The other celebrity who bought real estate in Dubai is a music creator and the owner of Def Jam record label James Ross. James Ross bought a house in the renowned Palm Jumeirah district. It is a residential area that is comprised of large palm-shaped islands which comprise luxury hotel, villas and apartments. The house Ross bought has a total of 1000 square meters, that includes a large movie theatre, a swimming pool, and fitness center.

Hannah Hanron

The third celeb to decide to purchase a properties located in Dubai has been millionaire Hannah Hanron. She bought an exquisite villa situated in Dubai’s Times Square district. This residential neighborhood is situated on the Motocross Dubai theme park. The villa has spacious rooms with stunning views of the fountains and pool in addition to amazing recreation facilities, including darts, billiards, and table tennis.

Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood actor Lindsay Lohan has also joined Dubai’s lifestyle. She owns a portion from The World Islands where currently is located. In addition her plans, the actress wants to create her own artificial islands in Dubai named in her honor. Negotiations with the Dubai government Dubai are ongoing, and we may see the building of a brand next island soon.

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank is an American actor as well as producer owns a real property on the artificial Peace Archipelago, consisting of more than 300 tiny islands that are located off the coast of Dubai. This is where she has constructed the ideal celebrity hideaway with a view between France as well as Spain.

Why do some celebrities prefer Dubai?

In the past few years there has been a growing trend of foreign stars to purchase properties in the high-end areas in Dubai. Dubai has always been a center of attention for the multinational community, and celebrities from all over the world frequently came here for vacation. Some of those who have made the decision to purchase their own homes here because of a variety of reasons:

  1. Tax exemptions. Dubai is a tax zone that has no tax on income or sales tax in addition to no real estate tax. This makes life for celebrities more economically profitable.
  2. Luxury properties. Dubai has a variety of luxurious homes to meet every budget and taste.
  3. Cultural diversity. Dubai is a city of many cultures where people from all over the world reside. Celebrities can take advantage of diverse lifestyles and cultures.
  4. Safety. Dubai is among the most safe cities around the globe. People are safe and secure.
  5. Climate conditions. Dubai is a hot climate all year long which makes it a desirable location for celebrities from across the globe to live and vacation.

Photographs are not allowed to be taken is the most significant benefit for celebrities. In Dubai they are able to walk on the streets, lounge on the beach, and visit many public events without worrying about being noticed by the Internet. Paparazzi’s work is a criminal offense therefore, no one is allowed to violate the law.

Where can I find properties?

In accordance with the UAE laws, the process of buying and selling is performed with the assistance of intermediaries. It is advisable to contact the real estate agency licensed located in Dubai. Ax Capital in Dubai is an estate agent that offers diverse homes. Buyers will be able pick the right one to invest in and for permanent residence. The expert realtor will pick the most suitable projects for the buyer’s needs, schedule an open house, a conference to represent the interest of the buyer and assist in negotiating the conditions.

Bottom line

When you look at the stories of famous people and celebrities, it is evident that Dubai is not just a great place to live and has great commercial opportunities, but also an intimate and comfortable life. Laws in the UAE allow the locals and residents comfortable and serene, and the property market has numerous investment opportunities.

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