Know About Features Before Buying Pressure Washer Trailer

Efficiency is the most important factor when it is about professional pressure washing. According to studies this market of trailers for pressure washers is growing more rapidly and is forecast to keep growing between 2020 to 2027. This highlights the importance of pressure washers.

Like this it is essential to purchase a sturdy trailers for pressure washers along with other equipment you wish for your investment to pay off.

Use this blog as a Pressure washer trailer buying guide. Keep reading to learn more information about trailers for pressure washers.

What Characterizes the Finest Pressure Washer Trailers?

Trailers for pressure washers are different from each other. Select a model that has a hot-water burner first. Hot water accelerates the process of achieving better results by breaking the organic matter and removing grime. The main difference between pressure washing and pressure washing is the fact that the latter uses heating.

The reel is a further important component. The washer is wound and then unwound as such prior to the use.

While spring-driven and electrically-reeling types are also available hand-cranked pressure washer reels are the most popular. Although hand-cranked reels are the most used, the automatic winding is more convenient, especially in the case of a long hose.

Be sure to look at the features of the trailer and features. Your pressure washing equipment and tool storage must be secured inside the trailer. This way you’ll be able take the trailer off your work place while keeping your possessions secure.

Take into consideration the kind of driving you’ll do If you’re planning to do at all road travel, large wheels are required. Of of course, safety features such as LED lighting and brake breakaway are also vital.

Although some pressure washers can be supplied without a trailer but the majority do. They are delivered on specially designed trailers that are made of durable 10-gauge steel. If you already have an existing trailer, you could purchase a trailer to connect it yourself, and save cash.

Personalized Service and Experience

Jetwave has been creating power wash trailers over the last years. This means that they have devoted their entire life to developing the most efficient power wash trailers and then selling the units at wholesale prices.

Because of the outstanding quality, performance and reliability that our equipment offers our customers, we have more than 2500 units operating around the world and are extremely thankful to all of their customers. They are very proud of giving each customer with personalized service to ensure they have a trailer washer that is able to meet their requirements!


The best guarantee available on the marketplace is provided from Jetwave Pressure wash trailers. They’ve invested a long time in finding the most reliable pumps. The entire pump is driven by a powerful V-Belt, ensuring the most reliable performance and extended time of service.

Ask about the guarantee offered by any other company you are contemplating purchasing a wash trailer from and then see if they beat our 10-7-3 Limited warranty.

Nothing is as good as their 10-year pump warranty 7 year coil guarantee and a three-year engine warranty!

Type of Roads

Another factor to think about when selecting an appropriate trailer is the kind of roads you’ll be using when serving your clients. If you’re traveling in rough terrain, such as the kind you encounter when doing work in oil fields, then an enclosed trailer might not be the right choice.

There are some weak points in the framework which will not stand up to the roughest roads due to the continuous flexing of the framework as you drive across bumps or ruts the terrain.

A modern pressure washer trailer is affordable. The best trailers are provided by many manufacturers of pressure washers. Furthermore the tension washer’s trailer arrives punctually and in good condition. The time is yours to start your new business.

Buy A Brand-New Trailer

A brand new trailer will be designed by a professional not a novice who has a vague understanding of how things work, however, by a business and a person who has the expertise to know the workings and limitations and backed by a guarantee to cover any problems.

The downside of buying an entirely new trailer is that you have to pay taxes. No matter what, if it’s brand new and shiny it is required to pay more for it.

A modern pressure washer trailer is affordable. High-quality trailers are available from many manufacturers of pressure washers. In addition the Pressure washer truck will arrive in time and in good condition. It is a great opportunity to start your business.

A brand new trailer will be built by a professional, not by a non-professional who has a vague understanding of how things work, however, by a business and someone who is able of the principles of what works and what doesn’t and backed by a guarantee to cover any issue.

The disadvantage of purchasing an entirely new trailer is that you have to pay taxes. No matter what, if it’s brand new and shiny you’ll have to pay more for it.

The cost will be higher than a pre-owned pressure washing trailer because new trailers will lose value once they are removed from the property, however for most people they will be more beneficial than the cost.

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