Jackie Goldschneider Net Worth: Is it Real Lifestyle? Read!

Jackie Goldschneider is an American reality show host, newspaper columnist as well as a freelance journalist and a former real estate attorney. Jackie gained fame through the reality TV show Real House Wives of New Jersey.

Goldschneider is a writer her blog for Bergen Records, the Huffington Post,and Scary Mommy. Additionally, Jackie has her own blog called In the Mummy’s Brain.

Goldschneider is also an entrepreneur. She has invested a lot in real property. Each of her ventures has earned an impressive amount of money throughout the time. However, she is very humble and grounded.

To discover out the net worth to find out about her net worth, go through out the remainder of our report.

Net Worth and income sources.

Jackie Goldschneider’s wealth has continued to grow over time due to her determination and wise investment. With a net worth that is estimated to be around $2 millions, Jackie Goldschneider is part of the elite millionaire’s group.

Jackie’s income sources include her real estate company and her income of RHONJ and the money she earns through her writing work.

For example Goldschneider’s rental home in the Hamptons produces an income per month of around $50,000.

Cars, houses, properties and Lifestyle.

In contrast to those who squander through trust funds, Jackie Goldschneider has smartly placed her trust funds in real property.

As mentioned, she has numerous properties, including her Hamptons home, which earns an annual income of $50,000 in rent. Jackie also has a property in Manhattan, New York. In addition, she owns one house in New Jersey where RHONJ is situated.

In the year 2018, Jackie gave a house tour for her followers through the Bravo YouTube Channel. The house she lives in is massive and has hardwood floors, marble-like finishes and crystal chandeliers. It also has the largest kitchen and fireplace as well as an open closet.

The property also boasts stunning views from the balcony, which has a stunning view of the pool.

Career Highlights.

Jackie Goldschneider is hard-working despite being from a rich family. She has created out her personal place in the property industry and is performing better than ever before.

Prior to that, Jackie was a real estate lawyer. Additionally Jackie is also a successful investor due to the funds she got via her trust account. She has now an investment portfolio of high-end homes that she rents out to wealthy clients.

Jackie may seem blonde, but she’s got a brain that can be put to good use. It’s true that there are blondes who are not in the world of wit. This is on the light note however. Therefore, Jackie writes for several newspapers, as well as in The Huffington Post and Scary Mommy.

As if she didn’t have enough she also has her own blog called Into the Mummy Brain. To top the list, Jackie is also part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast.

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