How To Find Airpod Case In 2023: Best 5 Quick Steps! Check Read Here!

Apple has done an excellent job in ensuring that you don’t only purchase their products, but buy their accessory. It’s the most convenient way to get the most enjoyment from Apple technology.

But sometimes, technology isn’t the only solution, but it’s also the issue. Airpods are a perfect example. They are tiny and wireless. They also provide great audio. Unfortunately, that makes it easy to be lost.

The good news is that Apple is aware of this and has come up with an easy way for you to locate Apple’s products! Here’s how you can locate an Airpod case if you need it. This isn’t a problem regardless of whether your Airpods are inside the case or not.

How To Find Airpod Case

There are many different ways to approach it depending on if the Airpods are present or not:

1. At Least One Airpod In The Case

The easiest method is most efficient one, and that is to utilize the iPhone application. However, you’ll be required to enable the Find My Phone app prior to losing your Airpods.

If your Airpod case is charged and you’re able to find the last location.

If you’ve got your Airpod case open, you’ll also be able play sound using the application. This can help you find the case.

  • Launch Find My in the Find My app – you can do this with any Apple device but the iPods have to have been connected to that device.
  • Choose the option to set the settings
  • Locate Your AirPods within the devices that you have previously been paired with.
  • The exact location the case Airpod casing will be highlighted.

It’s important to note that in the event that the case is closed it will show the last location known and when the Airpods were present.

When the box is opened, you’ll see an outline map. You can use this map to locate the location of your Airpod case.

There’s a picture of a car. Select this and you’ll receive directions! Once you’re near the spot, you can select the option to play music. If you’re near enough the application will allow your case to play the sound.

2. How To Find An Empty Airpod Case

The first option is easy, but the app is following the Airpods and which is not true. If you don’t own your Airpods inside the case, the app will only display the most recent place of your Airpods.

This may not be the place the issue is.But it is possible to take the location you last knew to begin your search. From then on, you’ll have to do a manual search wherever you think you might leave them.

3. How To Find Airpod Case By Activating Lost Mode

Lost mode can’t assist you find the place you put the Airpod case. However, it will inform anyone who tries to use the case to prove that it belongs to you. It’s not a guarantee, but the investigator could then turn over the case to you.

You can enable your lost mode using the “Find My” application on your smartphone or different Apple device.

  • Start the app and look at your devices list
  • Choose the Airpods. However, you cannot select the Airpod case
  • Check out the options and select the one that reads ‘lost mode’
  • To activate this, to complete the activation, you’ll have to complete a few personal details. This will allow the locater to reach you

4. How To Find Airpod Case Without Your iPhone

The easiest way to locate your missing case is via your phone, as it is already paired with the Airpods.

If you don’t happen to have a phone at hand, consider the following options:

  • On any device, you can log into the iCloud using your regular Apple account
  • Once you’ve entered, go to the devices on the list and search for Airpods
  • You’ll see the final whereabouts of your Airpods
  • The sound will play when the iPods are near enough and it will announce that they are not yet ready if they’re located but not quite close.

5. Third Party Tracking

This could be the last option. However, it could assist you in finding the Airpod case if at least one Airpod within the case. In essence the end, a third-party application can only be useful in the event that you’ve not yet linked to your Airpods with your phone.There are many options that are available on Google Play, choose one and install it.

It can then be asked to look for nearby devices. This includes devices that are able to communicate with other gadgets using Bluetooth or a similar technology.

The third-party app can locate any device that is in your area but it will not give you the distance. Also, you’ll need to access the app at least two times at different places to figure out the exact location of the iPods.

Using The Left Behind Feature

It’s better to avoid losing your iPods or the case in the first place. Apple is now offering assistance in this regard.

You’ll have to activate it first:

  • Start the Find My app
  • Choose the Airpods
  • Choose the option for notification
  • Set the left-behind mode to active.

When your phone leaves the access to the Airpods, you’ll be notified that the Airpods have been left in the dust. This process repeats every 24 hours which allows you to go back to the spot you were when you left the previous day.

It’s a good idea to compile an inventory of places where you are able to leave your iPods to prevent you from receiving unneeded and irritating messages.

Final Thoughts

The best option is for your device to be lost. so you won’t need to figure out how to locate your Airpod case. Of course, nobody wants to lose their bag. If they do have Airpods in their case the case, even one, it’s not difficult to locate them. This is assuming that someone hasn’t discovered them and has decided to keep the case. If you’ve only lost the Airpod case, there are alternatives that are available to you.

If this doesn’t work, you can try to repair your Airpod’s case, but without replacing your Airpods. Also, you should verify your insurance coverage as well, which is offered by Apple as well as your home insurance may be able to cover the cost of replacement. It’s all you have to do is verify whether the claim is legitimate. You know where to find Airpod case and also how to keep it from losing it. It is hoped that you will never have to employ the techniques mentioned above for the next time.

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