Hexclad Cookware Review: Is It Worth Your Money? Read Here!{MAY-2023}

The brand was launched in 2016. HexClad is a cookware manufacturer which makes non-stick cookware for novice and professional cooks who want a distinctive as well as safe cook-out experience. 

Is headquartered at Los Angeles, US the HexClad company has hundreds of U.S. employees together to create and design cookware that is non-stick and helps cook delicious meals.

It is the HexClad brand is focused on ensuring the highest quality of its cookware items by monitoring and testing their products throughout its distribution chain in order to assure the high-quality of its products and the safety of customers. You’ve probably replaced many pans and pots through the time. Right? However this HexClad cookware set is designed to stop this cycle, and provide you a lifetime experience.

HexClad Cookware has attracted many attention and is featured in numerous prominent news publications like Forbes, CNN, People Magazine, NBC News, Buzzfeed, Oprah’s Favourite Things, Good Housekeeping, Yahoo and many more. They’ve also gained the confidence on social media. They have an influx of 108K fans of Instagram along with an 89K following on Facebook which makes HexClad a trusted and safe brand that is a household name.

We are aware that relying on the famous Oprah can be easy for many, and maybe even for you too, but it’s more prudent to get another look. In the course of this HexClad Cookware Review We will take a deep look at the company, their products they offer as well as their marketing and honest reviews from customers, and more to help determine if HexClad is worth purchasing.

Overview of Hexclad

It is a Hexclad brand was established by the CEO Daniel Winer and the Co-founder Cole Mecray; both targeted the US public through the launch and sale of their cookware, which is durable enough to last for a lifetime. They’re very focused on the quality of their products through regularly testing and observing all the way through all of the chain.

The President and CEO of the Company, Danny Winer, believes that their cookware is a product with distinct features that make the cookware distinguish itself from others and stand out from the rest on the market. Their hexagonal design is an example which has a grid of mountains and valleys.

The Hexclad brand produces the ideal cookware using a mix of valleys and peaks. Peaks are made from stainless steel, while valleys are made from non-stick materials that give the unique look and feel to their cookware, and also enhances the experience of cooking. There are a lot of non-stick pans on the market that aren’t able to handle scraping metal off of it. That’s why Hexclad is different.

Although the Hexclad products are made in Asia They design them in the headquarters of Los Angeles, United States. Before we go on to read this Hexclad Cookware review will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the brand that will assist you in evaluating the company’s products.

Hexclad Cookware Review

The Hexclad hybrid cookware that is non-stick is traditionally constructed with stunning stainless steel in silver and black design and a cutting-edge technology. The hybrid technology of the brand helps cookware control temperature in a perfect manner.

The cookware is made of metal which will protect your dishwashers and help the brand distinguish itself from its rivals. Let’s continue to know their most popular products by reading this review of Hexclad in depth.

HexClad 7pc. Hybrid Cookware Set with Lids and Wok Review

The first thing to do is in this Hexclad Cookware Review will look at HexClad’s 7pc Hybrid Cookware Set that comes with Lids along with a Wok that is a must-have necessities for cooking at home or in restaurants. It is a Hexclad Cookware set will help to improve your cooking skills. includes the following cookware items:

  • 12” Pan
  • 10” Pan
  • 8” Pan
  • 12” Wok

Non-stick HexClad Cookware set features easy-to-clean coatings that permit an even distribution of heat to the cooking surface. It is designed for both professional and beginner chefs, this cookware set will exceed your expectations and help keep Hexclad at the forefront of cooking. Hexclad company ahead of competitors on the market.

This cookware set will assist cook delicious meals and will keep your family, loved ones and friends close and bring you back to the past. The purchase of the Hexclad Cookware Set should be taken as an investment in creating memories and strengthen bonds between the members of the family and friends.

HexClad 12 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Wok Pan Review

The latest bestseller from the Hexclad brand, i.e. HexClad 12-inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Pan, that is made to cook a variety of foods quickly and efficiently. It is a great kitchen utensil to cook family meals. This 12-inch” HexClad Hybrid Pan can accommodate multiple cooking items at the same time including filets of fish, steaks or vegetables for side dishes.

The quality of the construction for this 12-” Hybrid Pan has made it a versatile product that can fulfill the requirements of all the tools needed in a kitchen that is a starter. This pan evenly distributes heat throughout the pan and is a perfect fit for ceramic, induction gas or electric cooking stoves.

It is a hexagonal shape that has peaks and valleys. The peak is constructed of stainless steel and the valleys made of non-stick materials, which allows easy cleaning. It also only requires oil or butter for cooking food. Its 12-inch” Hybrid Pan has endless possibilities that can enhance eating and cooking experience.

The 12-inch” Hybrid Pan is completely oven-safe to 500° which permits you to broil your meal if needed. The hybrid pan is scratch-resistant, which allows users to use metal tools in the non-stick cookware. The 12-” Hybrid Pan is worth buying and costs less than 200 dollars.

HexClad 12 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Griddle Pan Review

The 12 inch Hybrid Griddle Pan has solid construction and comes with an all-flat surface that is ideal to cook your most loved meals. In terms of non-stick specifications This Hexclad Hybrid Griddle Pan has the same properties as the other items within the Hexclad Cookware Review and works with the same stoves.

It is a necessity to make use of oil and butter when making breakfast, but the non-stick valleys found in the Hexclad Griddle Pan allow you to cook your breakfast using little or no oil or butter. In the ideal scenario, this Pan is designed to cook pancakes eggs, griddles, and other.

This Hexclad Griddle Pan has stay-cool handles to prevent suffering burns to your hands while flipping pancakes. The Griddle Pan can help you create a variety of dishes that will bring your family and friends together and let them relish the moment.

Think about buying it as a long-term investment that will help create an enduring bond between your family and your friends.

How Long Does HexClad Last?

If you’re thinking of buying Hexclad Cookware products, then you might also have the same issue in your head. Right? According to the CEO of the company Hexclad’s CEO, the Cookware is designed to last for 20-30 years. However, Hexclad is a brand new Cookware brand which began offering its items in the year 2017. Therefore, it’s difficult to gauge how long their products are likely to be used for.

The longevity that comes with Hexclad Cookware also depends on the method you use them in and take care of the items. The non-stick surfaces won’t fade if properly cleaned with a sponge or by placing them into the dishwasher. We are happy to inform you that Hexclad cookware is dishwasher safe.

What is the Coating on HexClad?

The Hexclad Cookware features the “laser-etched, hexagon design,” Japanese ceramic on the stainless steel surface and a non-stick coating. The diamond dust inside the layers of protection adds durability, and distributes heat evenly across the surface and cooks food.

Is HexClad PFOA-free?

PFOA should be a brand-new word for many, and refers to perfluorooctanoic acid. PFOA is a chemical that is used for the production of non-stick Cookware and is also found in carpets that are stain-resistant and water-resistant clothing, as well as other. The PFOA chemical aids in making the products last longer.

The most damaging aspect of this substance is the fact that it triggers illnesses and cancers such as thyroid cancer and kidney cancer. The frequent contact with this toxic chemical can cause such illnesses and cancers. It is good to know that Hexclad products are free of PFOA.

Is Hexclad Cookware Worth It?

In the course of this Hexclad review, we’ve seen the fact that Hexclad Cookware can be worth every cent you invest in it. Hexclad Cookware is priced at an affordable cost, comes with a high quality, is suitable for both professional and home Chefs, and offers strong competition to their rivals on the market.

Hexclad products are non-porous and dishwasher safe and even chefs such as Gordon Ramsay uses Hexclad in their kitchens. Additionally Hexclad cookware was praised by the media. Hexclad Cookware brand got praised by various media houses which makes it more trustworthy and worth the investment.

Hexclad Promotions & Discounts

In this Hexclad Cookware Review, we would like to inform you that the company offers 30% off on certain items on their website. The majority of US customers also get free shipping too.

Where to Buy Hexclad Cookware

The Hexclad Cookware can be purchased on the website of their company, i.e., hexclad.com. You may also think about purchasing on Amazon as well as your closest Costco retailer if in Canada.

How to Contact Hexclad

If you’ve left with any questions following the Hexclad Cookware Review, you are free to reach Hexclad through these methods:

  • Phone: (877) 838-3868 (Monday to Friday, 9 AM-5 PM PST)
  • Email: info@hexclad.com
  • Mail to the following address: 500 S Anderson St. Los Angeles, CA90033

Does HexClad Scratch?

As per the Hexclad brand Hexclad, their Cookware is scratch-proof, but as with scratches made by diamonds, Hexclad Cookware can also scratch when you use sharp Utensils. If it does happen it will not impact the functionality or security for the Cookware. It is advised to use spatulas made of metal whisks, spoons, and other utensils made of metal to prevent scratching.

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