HaasOnline Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{JUNE-2023} Read Here!

The issue with the cryptocurrency market is that you may require a little assistance. If you’ve decided to jump onto the crypto bandwagon and are trying to determine the best option for you If so, you’re likely be relying on a crypto bot to guide you through.

Be assured that the majority of people do not have the skills to trade on a daily basis This is the reason why the crypto trading bot business is extremely well-known.

Focusing on the other aspects of your cryptocurrency is crucial, and relying on a robot to develop the most effective trading strategies is crucial. Let’s look at the HaasOnline website in the specific and then see what they can do.

How long has HaasOnline been For?

HaasOnline has been in existence since 2014, and are widely regarded as a reliable solution for those who are seeking to be successful in the world of cryptocurrency.

Their service is available on desktops and laptop computers, and users can download it for Linux, Mac and Windows. The user can download the program via their official site, after which, once installed it can use the program as a program on your PC.

Traders can trade and buy without being overly involved with any transaction and offer their clients pre-set functions. This is the way their customers are capable of making fast trades throughout the day without having to focus all their attention on one market.

HaasOnline Reputation

HaasOnline is thought of by the majority in the field to be a sophisticated trading bot, however there are some in the field who have expressed displeasure about its capabilities and that it’s not smart enough to earn a profit from features that are pre-programmed and automated.

The main problem with the reputation of this bot is because it can be quite difficult for those who don’t have a lot of prior experience in the field of crypto bots and don’t wish to be required to spend long hours on the coding aspect.

Exchanges it is able to support

HaasOnline offers its customers the benefit of a number of exchanges it works with, including Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, BitMEX, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Gemini, Deribit, Kraken, OKCoin, OKEX, and more.

This means that the user will get to perform exchanges using all of these coins, or just one at a given time, whichever you’d prefer. As with the majority of crypto trading bots out on the market the goal is to incorporate more trading bots over time.

HaasOnline Price

HaasOnline is able to offer its customers a few high cost points, which means you’ll need a little in your budget to to pay for the prices. They offer three plans at different prices which come with different lengths of validity.

Their beginner plan is priced at 0.025 BTC, and this is for a period of three months. You will receive 11 insurances and 10 security features. The basic plan is priced at 0.044 BTC and this is for 3 months. It when it offers the user 13 insurances along with 20 safety features as well as forty indicators in excess.

The Advanced plan is priced at 0.072 BTC for a three month period. The plan includes everything other plans offer including access to all the bots and features it can support. The plan also offers the benefit of a discount for signing for more than six months.

Easy of Use

Making use of HaasOnline is not an easy task. This is especially true for novice traders who require a basic interface for trading regularly and aren’t able to afford a lot of time to master the basics. It’s not going so simple setting their order settings and bots, and it will require some time to learn the services they are providing.

This implies that HaasOnline is ideal to those who consider themselves as professional traders, therefore, new traders must be ready to get started and set a time to study.

Available Settings

HaasOnline claims to offer the most advanced options for trading to the professionals they cater to. They also claim to have an inter-exchange arbitrage option, which provides traders the opportunity to speculate on prices for crypto across various exchanges.

This is a good thing since you can back-test your orders and use actual and historical settings. Additionally, there is also the possibility of technical analysis, however, from the point we are in their offerings, they are very complex, and it is important to study the entire range of options they are providing before making any final decisions.


HaasOnline is challenging to work with, however they are useful in regards in the protection of their system as well as their features. They claim that they run their services using secure servers and suggest that their traders use APIs available on their side to ensure secure trading.

The company also offer regular customer service that includes a ticketing system as well as live help. They claim that they offer this kind of service in all their plans. They do not offer phone support.

Top HaasOnline Alternatives

The reality is that HaasOnline is hard to make use of is sure to put some people off, especially when that there are thousands of people in the field of crypto trading nowadays who depend on robots which can take care of everything to ensure they don’t have to.

There are many traders these days who do not have any prior experience in the field of coding than those who have, and a complicated bot such as HaasOnline is likely be a bit jarring.

You can try Bitsgap or Quadency If you are looking for a safe, simple cryptocurrency bot which is capable of taking you through the procedure one step by step.

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Review Conclusion

In the final analysis, we believe HaasOnline is a rip-off. HaasOnline is more trouble than it’s worth. It may put a significant amount of effort into its features, however ultimately, we believe that they are too complicated for the average trader in crypto and that is likely to turn off lots of people off. It is better to opt to a company that is will make your life easier and be prepared right from the start to ensure that you don’t need be concerned about the outcome of trading on a daily basis.

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