First Baby Born From Robot-Implanted Uterus{2023} Read Here!

In Sweden the country has witnessed an important milestone in the field of medicine, when the world’s first baby was born via a robot-implanted uterus. It was birthed in the month of March via C-section (a procedure) invented in Sweden.

According to doctors The baby’s weight is now three kilograms and both the mother, who is 35, and child are in good health. This feat was accomplished by doctors at Gothenburg University. University of Gothenburg. According to the doctors the birth was made possible after a family member consented to donate a baby’s uterus to her mother, and then an egg fertilized was inserted by IVF. The first time, the use of a robot was utilized to assist in the process.

Dr. A.J. inserted surgical tools equipped with cameras as well as robotic devices through tiny access holes located in the lower abdomen in order to complete the procedure. The robotics were controlled using joysticks, which allowed for 3D viewing of the insides.

Process Started in 2021

The procedure for transplantation was carried out in October of 2021, in Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ten months later, an embryo was born through IVF before being placed in the uterus that was transplanted, before the baby was born couple of weeks after. The doctors reported that mother had been feeling healthy throughout her pregnancy. The pregnancy is now over in the late May 2023. The plan is to have a C-section in the 38th week.

Final Words

Around 90 Uterus transplants have been carried out across the globe, and around 50 babies were born due to the procedure.

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