FinancePal Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money? Genuine Review!{JUNE-2023}

Your business is created online and eager to earn some serious cash and get customers on board with regards to your service or product.

You have an excellent head of your own in the realm of business, but when you think about the bookkeeping and tax side of things, you’re slightly naive.

You believed it would be simpler than you thought however, you’ve realized that it takes more time than you expected and you’re wondering what you can do to maintain your company’s viability while also being a bookkeeper while you work.

The positive side is there’s businesses who can assist you with this part of your business. You’ve just to be aware of where to look and which ones will meet your requirements in the best way. Let’s take a look at FinancePal specifically to determine if they’re an appropriate fit for you or not.

What exactly is FinancePal?

FinancePal is a business which claims to be full-service bookkeeping and financial solution that is able to work with small and medium-sized companies across the US in a range of different sectors.

FinancePal was established in Chicago and states that they have extensive experience in all aspects of finance for businesses and is readily available to their customers whenever they need to be.

FinancePal is a service team that manages every aspect of your business’s finances. They are staffed with experts who can assist you with Gusto or Quickbooks because they don’t own any proprietary software that they have developed. They are able to assist you with a variety of different solutions too.

These services include bill payment, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll tax preparation, tax filing. FinancePal is a day-today accounting software that handles tasks for your company. They make use of software like Gusto as well as Quickbooks Online allowing you to make time to concentrate on your job as the business’s owner.

What are FinancePal For?

We believe that FinancePal is a great option for both large and small firms, as well as freelancers across America who require professional advice from a bookkeeper or accountant However, they don’t have much money to pay for services such as this.

FinancePal will offer your company an all-inclusive package for accounting and bookkeeping solutions this means that you can do everything all under one roof and not need to travel elsewhere for bookkeeping or accounting. At present, they only provide services to customers from America We believe that they will be expanding at some point.

What are the main features of FinancePal?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, FinancePal provides its customers with various services that can assist businesses on the financial aspect, which includes bookskeeping and bookkeeping for small-sized companies as well as accounting and tax services to medium and small-sized enterprises.

They also offer tax consultation services and tax preparation, so when tax time rolls around and you’ve lost track of it, you can count the experts at Tax-A-Round to complete the task for you without worrying about how everything is going to be handled.

In this way, you won’t have to navigate through complex tax regulations, and take the risk of getting into hot water with the IRS.

FinancePal is also claiming that they provide their customers more efficient ways of paying their bills online so that you can rid yourself of of that physical clutter. They claim that all of their billing data is stored in the cloud and you have access to it at any time.

We appreciate that they have a group of experts available to assist you in using Quickbooks and other programs, to make sure you be able to have someone else manage everything for you instead of needing to figure out the basics yourself. They will assist you with a variety of tasks like creating Profit and Loss reports, and distributing reports on expenses.

FinancePal Pricing

One thing that we love regarding FinancePal is that they’re very affordable. They also have the ability to customize their pricing to be in line to what their customers need.

Pricing starts at $150 a month. This will include subscriptions to the top software applications that are available, such as Quickbooks Online. In this way, you will be able to get the most benefit from an experienced and top-of-the-line software, and don’t have to deal with two bills.

A Retrospective of FinancePal


Secure Site

One of the main benefits of using a company such as FinancePal to meet all of your company’s financial needs is that they’ve an extremely secure website.

This means that they’ve secured the site with HTTPS although this may not seem like a huge difference to some, it’s significant in this modern age of technology, where there’s a plethora of security breaches occurring every day on the web.

If a business is prepared to protect their website using HTTPS it does not just mean that this mean that their customers can share sensitive information on their website which will be protected however, it also indicates that they intend to be in business for a long period of time.

Businesses that aren’t able to put money into this tiny amount of security typically do not plan to be around for a long time This is an assurance that the company is committed to its cause and isn’t planning on ever leaving the business.

Visible Pricing

The positive side is that FinancePal has sensible options for pricing, starting at $150 per month. In our evaluation, FinancePal is very transparent regarding the fact that they can customize their pricing to meet the needs of their customers This means that you’re likely to be able to speak to them, not just about what your company’s needs are, but also what your budget for the current year is in order to let them collaborate with you. They also integrate top-quality software that makes their services efficient and easy to use.

FAQ Page

FinancePal is aware that the more they can inform their customers about their offerings and how they operate the more confident they’re going to be in the future.

That’s why they have many details on their site about the way they operate, what they provide their clients as well as how they could assist you to succeed in your business in the near future.

There is also an FAQ section in which you can look for any initial questions that you may have however, if you fail to see them within this section, you may get in touch with them directly.

Customer Support

In terms of directly contacting them We believe that FinancePal gives their customers the best level of support for their customers and, as such you’ll never ever feel as if you’re being ignored or not being looked after with regards to your business’s requirements.

They are aware they must be aware that in establishing an alliance with their clients it is a continuous relationship that will need a lot of communication. That’s why they’ve set up their customer service to cater to this.

Real Reviews

Another indicator of the competence and capability in the work of FinancePal has to be the a lot of positive reviews. We are ecstatic that they have reviews with glowing ratings not just on their site as well as on other third-party websites as well that is an indication that the firm is genuine.

It’s easy for businesses like this to fabricate reviews that they can post on their websites to convince potential customers that they’re legitimate even though they’re not.

With the guys at this company, you know that the testimonials they’ve included on their site are written by real customers and all you need to do is run a quick Google search to determine how many favorable reviews are on other sites as well. This is a strong indication that they’re legitimate and have their customers their best interests in mind.

Secure Payment Page

If you are paying for an ongoing online service it is crucial that you can pay using a secure web page. It may appear as a minor feature isn’t something you need to think about, but you’d be amazed at the amount of businesses provide services but don’t have encryption on their payment pages that exposes you to getting hacked, especially with regards to financial information.

If you’re dealing with an organization that is helping you manage your company’s finances online, you need to ensure that they’re covering every single step of security they could in order that your company will be secure.

We are delighted to report that we’ve found various levels of security in this area which means that the guys take security very seriously and won’t sacrifice your security to earn money.

Is FinancePal Legit?

We are extremely certain at this point that FinancePal is legitimate.

We’re convinced that they work tirelessly to make their features more flexible specifically for small-sized businesses and we appreciate that they can assist you in every aspect of your company’s finance processes in one place.

The main goal is to make everything simpler to allow you to concentrate in other areas within your company and not be concerned about the financial aspect of things.

Is FinancePal a Scam?

There’s no reason to believe that FinancePal will be an enigma, since everything about the company is pointing towards being a legitimate company.

All of their activities are well-thought out, above board and professional. This is a huge plus in a field in which there are a lot of firms that might consider alternatives to that actually just want to make money off their customers.

Is FinancePal Secure to Use?

FinancePal is definitely one of the top firms in the business to assist you in reducing the complexity of your business’ finances to allow you to get away from the accounting and bookkeeping aspect of your business and concentrate on the aspects of your business you are most interested in.

The more time in your schedule to concentrate on the areas of your business you’re passionate about, then the more successful your business will be to be able to run, so you should put the financial aspect of things to the care of professionals who are able to manage everything in one place, but can also tailor your payment schedule, to ensure that you don’t need to cover more than what you’ll need to utilize.


With authentic reviews and a commitment to their customers that is unwavering in terms of security and customer service We believe they’re the best options if you are a medium to small business that needs some help with your company’s finances.

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