Filpz Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?{May-2023} Detail Here!

If you’re looking in search of an Filpz legal review, then you’re precisely in the right spot We do to provide you with the right review for all website. 

You were looking for reviews on the website to determine if the is a legitimate or fraudulent website. is legitimate or a fraudulent website, what is the truth of this site, genuine or fake?

This page gives a short Filpz review for anyone who is wondering whether Filpz is a reliable company or is a fraud. Find out the details about Filpz.

If you are you’ve found the right website In this review, we will help you to know whether you should be putting your faith in Filpz and if it is a scam or not. In our next section, you’ll to read the full and honest reviews on, with 100% authentic proof of this website.

What is the website?

It is an online store which claims to offer the products mentioned above. There are a lot of things you need to learn about this shop before you decide to make it your preferred online shopping destination.

Filpz is an internet-based platform for e-commerce that sells mobile phones as well as TABLETS and LAPTOPS. This category features Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Silver, NOKIA 2720 (Flip) feature phone, dual SIM 2MP Camera, LED flash-Black Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1 T530 HP Chromebook G5, HP EliteBook 8460p 4GB RAM Laptop and many more. Also, other collections.

This site was officially registered on January 9, 2020 according to the whois records. The trust score for this website is 88/100. It appears that is safe and reliable to use . Let’s take a review both the positive and negative of the site.

Benefits of this Website:

  • Score of trustworthiness 88/100. It appears that is legitimate and safe to use .
  • A valid SSL Certificate, HTTPS is in place to ensure the safety of consumers.
  • It provides all of the available and current policies to customers, including Number, Mail, etc. For that reason we provide an easy 7-day Returns Policy starting at the time of delivery. etc.
  • The website has earned enough trust. Whether or not it is possible to check this out by clicking on the social media link The Filpz website is lacking icons for social media. Businesses depend on social networks to establish trust with their clients and establish a connection with their customers. The absence of engagement with social media could be a sign of trouble.
  • The website offers different payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, Mestro.

So, now that you have to be aware of the positive and negative aspects about the site, but we will look at the points that show that the website is legitimate or fraudulent, check through the following section and make sure to add your thoughts if you’ve had previously visited this website to assist a lot of people who are confused by the site. Always provide your comments.

The disadvantage of reviews by Filpz:

  • This website does not have any account on social networks.
  • The domain of the website is brand newly registered, and was 10 January 2020, which can raise trust issues, which suggests could be a fraudulent website.
  • The selection of products on the website, or that the products displayed are very small than 20-30 items that will make us be cautious before buying anything from this website.

Essential and accurate information regarding Filpz Website:

  • Name of website: Filpz
  • Email:
  • Number to contact: (+91) 9136500015
  • Contact address: Jai Durga Enterprises Govind Puri New Delhi-110019
  • Product Category: MOBILE PHONES, TABLETS and LAPTOPS.
  • Description of the Product: Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Silver NOKIA 2720 (Flip) Feature Phone Dual SIM 2MP Camera, LED flash, Black Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1 T530 HP Chromebook 11G5, HP EliteBook 8460p I3 500GB, 4GB Ram Laptop and many more.
  • payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Mestro.
  • Time to deliver: Every order is delivered within 1 to 30 days.
  • Refund Policy This is why we provide a simple 7-day Returns Policy beginning from the day of delivery.
  • Social media hyperlinks: Filpz’s website is also lacking Social media icons. Businesses depend on social media to establish trust with their clients and to connect with them. The absence of engagement with social media could be a sign of trouble.

Evidence to show it is true that Filpz website is genuine or fake

  • website age: was registered in 2020-01-09
  • Maximum Discount discounts: Filpz’s products are so inexpensive that they can make people skeptical. It’s difficult to comprehend why Filpz offers such cheap costs. Be aware that scams online are often connected with a high discount.
  • The Trust Rating of the the Website: 88/100. It appears that is safe and legitimate to use. You can confirm this the site here.
  • The validity of the contact number: Jai Durga Enterprises Govind Puri New Delhi 110019
  • Customer Complaints Customers who have made similar purchases on the internet have expressed concern about the delay in delivery and insufficient customer support and a lack of after-purchase service.
  • The validity in the Email ID:
  • Exchanges and Returns: For this reason we provide a simple 7-day return policy starting from the day of delivery.

Commonly asked questions regarding this store’s online presence:

Is Filpz website fake?

Yes, we found this site quite suspect to believe without a second thought.

Is the website of a fraud or legitimate? is not a shady site. We recommend this site to make online purchases. We recommend that you do your yourself a little research on the website.

Is this website legal or is it illegal?

Yes, this store online does appears to be a legitimate website.

Our Opinion on Filpz:

After a thorough investigation We came to concluding that the site is not a fraud therefore we recommend our customers to buy on this site, as what happens if it turns out to be a fraudulent website? Is it worth taking the risk. If you want to purchase anything, and of course you could, however we, being a social worker we always advise you to examine the history of the website in depth, if you lack time, you can go through our post to gain accurate and precise details. A lot of new online stores are now offering huge discounts on a wide range of products, however they’re frauds in every way. Avoid the new shops on the internet or conduct some research before buying any item from them. The majority of these stores won’t deliver the items they have purchased to their customers. They may ship products that are totally other or inferior in quality.

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