Fashionphile vs TheRealReal: Is It Worth Your Money? Read! Genuine Review!{2023}

Fashionphile and TheRealRealare two well-known luxury retailer marketplaces that aim to make luxury and designer clothing and accessories more accessible. Both marketplaces offer plenty of things for shoppers to pick from at bargain prices.

But what is the difference between these two companies? Read our Fashionphile review of TheRealReal vs Fashionphile to find out more about the similarities and differences between the two consignment stores.

Fashionphile vs TheRealReal: Overview

Before we go into the specifics we’ll take a look of the services these two companies have to offer and make a side-byside comparison.


The focus is on the top luxury brand names (mainly handbags) A smaller range of designers
All products are suitable for return The return period is 21 days. Refunds are accepted in the first 21 days of purchase made in the store or delivery date Return shipping is free. It has an impressive and comprehensive authentication process. Provides more detailed photos when compared to TheRealReal
The company provides a detailed list of any weaknesses. Seller charges: 30% for items priced under $3,000, or 15% on items that exceed $3,000


It focuses on the top luxury brand names (mainly handbags) A wider range of designs and products Handbags, swimwear beauty products, luggage, and other items with 40% or more discounted are non-returnable. Returns are accepted up to 21 days of the purchase in-store or shipping date Shipping costs for return $12.95 It has an impressive and comprehensive authentication process. Provides less precise photos as compared to Fashionphile. List of flaws is not as comprehensive as that of Fashionphile. Selling charges: 15% to 80% based on the product type

What is Fashionphile?

Fashionphile is an online retailer that sells designer and high-end clothing and accessories. It is regarded as one of the first of its type, Fashionphile was founded in 1999 and is now headquartered in Carlsbad, California. Fashionphile is an exclusive re-commerce partner of Neiman Marcus and believes that luxury shouldn’t have to be equated with having a harder time obtaining.

What Is TheRealReal?

More recent than Fashionphile but still a huge brand in the world of fashion online, TheRealReal was founded in 2011 and quickly became one of the most successful selling sites of the present.

TheRealReal is situated in San Francisco, California as well has one of the biggest and most active communities in the world of e-commerce.

TheRealReal was founded with a goal to prolong the lifespan of luxurious goods and create a an accessible and sustainable new future in fashion by helping consignors and buyers.

After we have a bit more about each business Let’s look at how these two retailers stack in comparison to each other!



Fashionphile is extremely specific when it comes to the designers it chooses. The site offers more than 90 luxury brands, which are generally considered highly luxurious, like Cartier as well as Hermes.

Being selective and a small amount of selective in regards to designers and fashion labels Fashionphile stores, this makes to provide a deeper and well-curated shopping experience that consumers are sure to love.


TheRealReal is significantly more diverse with regards to the brands it supports and offers, but this doesn’t mean it’s less expensive. In reality having more brands creates an enjoyable shopping experience, which allows customers to explore new designers and brands.

TheRealReal has designers and brands who are highly reputable and admired in the world of fashion however, it also has brands that are emerging and new in the fashion world.

TheRealReal has a complete page devoted to its designers that list their designs everything from the A-Z. So should you be looking for a particular brand or are interested in seeing the latest products out there, then be our guest.



If you opt to sell your item through Fashionphile the company will simplify the procedure. In terms of charges, you can expect to pay 15 percent seller fees if your product sells at more than $3,000 and 30% in case it is sold under $3,000. When you compare Fashionphile with. TheRealReal as a seller There are several instances when Fashionphile offers more commissions.

As an example for instance, if you sell a bag for $3,500 on TheRealReal, your payout would be $2,450 (30 percent of the value of the sale). But at Fashionphile the cost would be only 15%, which means you could end up with $2975 ($525 additional). Apart from the charges in addition to fees, there are various selling strategies Fashionphile offers:

Submit Items For A Quote

  • Get a price online and get a shipping label to your items with a complimentary shipping label.

Schedule A Virtual Appointment

  • Make a videoconference with a certified Procurement Specialist so that you can sell your product and get estimates from the comfort of your home.

Request White Glove Service

  • Let Fashionphile visit you! Fashionphile offers an absolutely complimentary White Glove Service where the products are collected from you.

Visit Fashionphile

  • Stop by one of Fashionphile’s locations and bring in your expensive items for a quote. Fashionphile gives quotes on the spot that means sellers will be aware of the amount they’ll get paid prior to submitting your merchandise. This is very convenient and helps save sellers a ton of the time by not waiting until their products sell.


If you are looking to sell on TheRealReal, you can easily join the website of TRR and start selling. TheRealReal’s fees for selling vary dramatically, ranging from 15% upwards of 80%, depending on your item’s category and the price it sells for. You can look at this chart detailing their commissions per every item. The selling procedure is carried out at TheRealReal:

Sign Up

  • Sellers can arrange a pick-up and ship their items directly to TheRealReal or drop off your products at any of the retail stores that TRR has.

Leave It To TheRealReal

  • One of TheRealReal’s 100+ experts will verify your products with the intention of selling them at a price that is higher than that the market will pay. To determine the products TheRealReal offers, you can look out TheRealReal’s complete list of acceptable brands here.

Get Paid

  • Choose direct deposit, site credit, or check. Sellers can earn up to 85 percent of the value of their products. As more you sell your items, you earn more you earn. For more details, you can check out the commission chart.

Sellers that work in conjunction with TheRealReal have had their products selling extremely quickly compared to other luxury marketplaces online and, therefore, if you’re trying to sell your products fast, TheRealReal could be a better option.

Return Policy


Fashionphile can accept returns so long that the items are delivered by the 15th day of the delivery date. To be considered eligible, they must be in the original condition, comprising the Certificate of Authenticity tag and the Fashionphile tag. The items must also be in its original packaging which means you should not dispose of any packaging unless you are certain you appreciate and wish to keep your items. In addition, Fashionphile offers free return shipping.

The Final Verdict

Each of Fashionphile and TheRealReal have the same goal of striving to make high-end products more accessible to everyone But does one perform better or better than another?

Personally, we love the more extensive selection TheRealReal has to offer and how fast items are sold since they have hundreds of shoppers on their website.

But, if you are looking to sell your objects, Fashionphile typically offers better commissions, unless it’s a high value item. If you have something specific you are looking to sell, take a look out the commissions chart at The RealReal and then compare it to the Fashionphile’s to determine where you’ll earn more money.

It’s important to remember that TheRealReal does not offer refunds on handbags, per se. If you’re shopping for a secondhand handbag or an product in Their excluded items, we recommend choosing Fashionphile instead (we also like the Rebag).

On top of this, a number of individuals have said that the item they purchased at TheRealReal was in worse condition than what the photos were depicted. It’s not a good idea to receive an item that is in worse condition and you aren’t able to return. We recommend that you choose Fashionphile if you’re looking for bags or other items of a like it that is included on TheRealReal’s return-exclusions list.

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