Dynamite Clothing Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{JUNE-2023}

If you’re a fan of the clothing label Garage (here’s our complete Garage analysis for those who are interested) it’s likely that you’ve seen its sister company, Dynamite.

Dynamite is a brand of clothing specifically designed for women, offering elegant clothing suitable for work and also for an evening out. But is the brand worthwhile?

How Is Dynamite?

Dynamite is a woman’s clothing brand founded in 1984. Its headquarters are in Montreal, Canada. Dynamite’s clothing is targeted at women aged between 25 and 30 years old. It’s the parent company of another clothing brand with a huge following, Garage. With a wide range of clothes and accessories Dynamite is a variety of brand that is perfect for every occasion.

Dynamite Reviews

In general:

In general generally speaking, there are good Dynamite clothes reviews. Some customers do agree that the clothes are priced too high due to the quality of the fabric.

Furthermore, Dynamite doesn’t have good relations with customer service, with customers complaining that they had a difficult finding anyone from Dynamite representatives.


Dynamite doesn’t have to be of poor quality, but you shouldn’t look for pieces that you’d expect from high-end clothing companies.

We recommend reading Dynamite reviews of clothing on specific products on their website prior to making a purchase of the items or clothing. The items they sell are an unreliable as are numerous other brands that are fast fashion.


The thing we love the most about Dynamite is the variety of styles it provides and how Dynamite stands out from Garage.

While Garage is a place for clothes that are trendy and streetwear, Dynamite is a bit more sophisticated, modern and ideal for work, holidays and all the rest.

At Dynamite at Dynamite, you’re sure to find outfits for festivals, work dresses, girls night outfits and much many more.


The price range for Dynamite is between $15 and $150. However, as we’ve mentioned earlier there are quite a handful of shoppers who believe that the clothes and accessories are too expensive in comparison to the quality of the merchandise.

However, if you’re on a tight budget it’s a good idea to go to Dynamite’s sale pages to find some amazing deals and bargains.

Customer Service

Customer service can define an organization and Unfortunately, Dynamite’s customer support does not meet the standards of customers in the numerous Dynamite reviews of their clothing.

Dynamite customers have been experiencing problems with the company’s not responding to issues or disputes relating to online purchases It’s not too surprising given that Dynamite seems to be difficult to contact in the first place. After we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s dig deeper into the features Dynamite clothing can provide.

Dynamite Dresses Evaluation

The Dynamite dress collection is so vast that the clothing brand offers an online clothing store for customers to find dresses in various styles for various occasions.

The range of styles includes the midis to minis from minis and midis to small Black dresses as well as dresses, Dynamite truly has the perfect dress to fit the style of any person.

But, the one thing to consider is that Dynamite does not offer sizes XXS through XL and is therefore not accessible to larger bodies.

Dynamite Denim Review

Similar to its dress collection, Dynamite has a big range of jeans as well as other pieces of denim to pick from! With a variety of styles, it is suitable for all bodies and shapes as well as allowing for customers to discover style that best suits their body.

If you’re looking for comfortable Straight Jeans as well as Mom jeans Dynamite has them in sizes that range between 23 and 34. If you’re searching for other pieces of denim, Dynamite offers a selection of shorts and denim skirts!

Dynamite Jewelry Evaluation

We are awestruck when fashion brands offer accessories as well so that customers can enjoy the most from both. This being said, Dynamite offers a bunch of accessories that customers can put on to complement their most fitting outfits.

With items such as earrings, necklaces as well as rings the jewelry collection of Dynamite is reasonably priced, affordable and fashionable.

Although you’re unlikely to find genuine diamonds or gold-plated pieces However, you can discover stylish and chic jewellery that you can wear with your outfits, while still looking stylish and stylish.

What are other customers saying about us?

To help you make your life simpler, we scoured the internet and looked through authentic customer reviews and what they have to say on Dynamite clothing.

These are some of the essential points you should be aware of:

  • The clothes are stylish and adorable
  • It’s not cheap for the quality.
  • I don’t believe it’s worth the cost.
  • Be sure to look over the sale section.
  • Love the dresses!
  • Customer service is terrible.
  • I wish they were more inclusive of sizes (check out our complete guide to the top 41 brands for clothing that are plus-sized to find better alternatives)

Return Policy

Dynamite provides a 30 day return policy. Returnable items are accepted provided they’re in good condition, not worn, unopened, and have tags that are original.


We believe Dynamite certainly has cute designs and is worth looking into. However, we would suggest being wary of products and to read Dynamite clothing reviews for specific items prior to purchasing to ensure you know what you can expect. Also, we recommend looking through the sales section to find the best bargains and deals in particular, since a lot of reviewers have stated that the quality isn’t worth the full retail price. We also would like Dynamite could be more inclusive of sizes, and we wish it could provide better customer service.

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