Daily Income Opportunity With U-Farm Detail Here!{2023}

Based on GameFi technology this project transforms the offline operation of farms to online operations, and creates unique coordinates for the Internet world, enabling an eminent privatization Internet assets as well as getting the best of Internet and farm operations.

The idea is to create a bio-ecosystem consisting of farms, ranches, and processing facilities for the production of livestock and agricultural products, with further integrated projects like financial and urban construction to be added later.

U-FARM is the current largest Metaverse platform operating in Africa and was funded primarily by Hyperchain capital and also Binance, Roblox, Unity Software, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia and Alphabet also taking part in the initiative.

How To Make Money On U-Farm…

  • Users are able to lease the land in the field for a year.
  • If you lease this land receive an amount of seeds as well as UFC coins.
  • Each plot is able to be harvested and planted once each day. The fruit will automatically be sold at a price of USDT.
  • USDT USDT will be reclaimed by U-FARM. It will be recorded and stored in the U-FARM mine pool.
  • The tokens can circulate throughout the world through cryptocurrency exchanges.

After deducting transaction fees along with commissions U-FARM is going to deposit any remaining tokens in your account to help you plant your profits.

Different crops are subject to different commissions and trading costs and commissions, in addition to different handling costs.

This is due to U-FARM’s exclusive GameFi technology and the latest encryption algorithms. This guarantees that every user’s information is completely distinct.

UFC Coin runs as the U-FARM’s base token. Responsible for circulation and communication within the network of field. UFC Coin is the basic account for the blockchain U-FARM as well UFC Coin is also a natural bridge token that is based in TRC. TRC Standard token. If UFC Coin is included on an exchange, anybody is able to change it into a different cryptocurrency currency that is on the blockchain using smart contracts, or buy UFC coins with the legal currency within your country. Concerning the sources of income for U-FARM Project

Commissions for trading in cryptocurrency:

Tokens generated by the user by the program (USDT) can be stored in the U-FARM mining pool. These coins will circulate and trade in a free market via cryptocurrency exchanges all over the globe. Every transaction U-FARM makes will earn an appropriate commission for the transaction.

Traffic from advertising:

The tokens generated during the growing process crops will create large quantities of data traffic. the huge user base will also enhance the number of advertisements that will be created by the cost of traffic costs.

Investment In Real Economy

With an experienced investment team U-FARM has earned high profits by investing in blockchain-based projects that are world-renowned Agriculture, animal husbandry mining banks engineering construction, and many other projects. Diversified portfolio of investment options to protect investors from risk.

Cryptocurrency Investments:

In exchange for donations and investment from blockchain enthusiasts The 50% funds will go towards the building of U-FARM while the remaining 50% will go to local charitable organizations.

Concerning the land-use rules within U-FARM..

Potatoe Farm

Rent 30USDT, receive the 365 potatoe seeds every day, plant the value of harvest is 0.75USDT and monthly income of 22.5USDT,1 year’s earnings are 274USDT

Wheat Farm

Rent 100USDT, receive the wheat seeds 365 times and plant them once per day and harvest value is 2.5USDT The monthly income is 75USDT, the annual income is 913USDT

Corn Farm

Rent 300USDT, receive the seeds for 365 corn that are planted every day, the value of harvest is 7.5USDT The the monthly income is 225USDT. the annual earnings are 2738USDT.

Coffee Field

Rent 900USDT, receive the 365 seeds of coffee, sow one every day, the value of harvest is 23USDT, the monthly income is 690USDT, annually earnings are 8395USDT.

Note that all land is leased for one year.

(365 seeds).

If you are looking to enhance the property, you just need to make the necessary payments. If you upgrade to a higher level account, it will be valid for a year lease, which will begin again at the time of upgrade (seeds that are not utilized prior to the upgrade can be used to plant seeds on the new area).

  • Redrawal rules for U-Farm
  • Window for withdrawal opening hours:
  • 9:00am- 17:00pm(UTC/GMT+2) every day
  • Window for remittances during working hours:

The withdrawals from Monday through Thursday will be processed during the remittance window on the next day. The withdrawal slips used on Saturday, Friday or Sunday, will process during the time of the remittance on the next Monday.

The application for withdrawal will reach your account within 72hrs from the following day (counting only the days that are working of the window for remittance, not including the valid time on Saturday, Friday as well as Sunday).

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