Cultivatei Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{Aug-2023} Genuine Read Here!

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Is A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

  • Cultivatei owner Information: We need help to find information on Cultivatei’s owner Cultivatei through their site. The lack of information raises questions about whether the site is legitimate.
  • Contact Info: When we checked the website, we discovered that the only method to contact them was via the email addresses. They should have provided their contact number or address this is an alarming signal that Cultivatei could not be a trustworthy site.
  • Social Media Profiles Our first look at was the Cultivatei Facebook page which had 411 followers. On closer examination we discovered that a majority of their posts were only getting just one or two likes. It is possible that they bought fake followers which makes it less likely Cultivatei is honest.
  • Cultivatei Credibility Score It’s the only time that “Scam Advisor” provides Cultivatei its trust score and it’s a frightful one out 100. This is a warning signal that Cultivatei isn’t an appropriate place to buy.
  • Domain Information: is a new website which was launched on the 26th of April 2023. The use of this website is not recommended since it’s brand new and its security is not certain.


  • Cultivatei has validated that the certificate is valid. SSL certificate.
  • Attractive website user interface.
  • They have an official Facebook page.


  • The site was launched recently.
  • Score of low trust on websites.
  • The website’s owner has hidden their identity on WHOIS through an unpaid service.
  • Traffic on websites is very low.
  • Tranco claims that the site’s rating is low.
  • There are no reviews are available on most well-known review sites.

Final Decision ( Reviews)

We have looked at We have some issues. A lot of products are listed, however finding out information about them is some effort.

We must determine who is the owner of the website and how to reach them. Furthermore the followers on social media appear fake, which makes us suspicious.

“Scam Advisor” gave it an overall low trust rating, as well there’s not many review reviews on reputable sites like “Trust Pilot.”

In the case of the new domain registration system, it’s best to be wary and choose the most reliable alternative in the event that you are unable to confirm whether that it’s genuine.

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