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The furniture you have been using for a while could be a treasured memory that you’d rather not replace. But, the outside is no longer appealing. Do not rush to dispose of it! Because my Furniture is available to assist you in achieving a clean furniture appearance!

Cover My Furniture is a prominent UK-based company which offers top-quality materials to replace the covers of your chairs and sofas. They also offer customized furniture covers to provide genuine products that are based on their your preferences.

Since its inception the brand has paid careful attention to the quality of the material and stitches used. They have remained true to the British tradition of handmade products. This is why their products are recognized for their perfect fit, long-lasting and easy washing.

In keeping with this commitment that the brand has made, they have collaborated with renowned brands like Marks & Spencer, Ikea, Multiyork, and many more. This shows how skilled they are in this sector.

In the meantime, they also gained followers on different social media platforms including 2.7Kplus for Instagram, and 181 in Facebook. Follow their social channels for information on new offers or inspiration for your other choices.

Are you keen to know what you can about the brand? If so, you can check out our Cover My Furniture review. We will thoroughly discuss the background of the brand, its history, product reviews, and much more. We’ll now move into the following section!

A brief overview of Cover My Furniture

The Cover My Furniture is a family-owned business name. Presently, the business is carried on by their three children: Rachel, Sophie, and Emma in the fourth generation.

Despite carrying on the business of their great-grandfather however, they’re still dedicated to bringing quality products and are concerned about the environmental conditions. They provide the latest design and feel by replacing the old-fashioned look that sofas have.

As sisters who are concerned about the environment using high-end handmade stitching using British textiles. Additionally, they make use of recycled cardboard. The idea is to minimize their carbon footprint.

They also plan to utilize solar panels to conserve electricity in the factory where they manufacture. You can go to the Eco-credentials page to find out more about their environmental awareness.

After reviewing their mission and commitment to the brand, we’ll briefly provide you with a list of the pros and pros of brands and products.


  • Luxurious look
  • Passed the abrasion test
  • High-end fabric
  • Free sample of fabric
  • Machine is washable
  • Made by hand
  • Have durable design
  • It is free to mix and match
  • Offer 3-year guarantee
  • International shipping
  • A wide range of colors
  • Amazing customer service
  • Pet and family-friendly fabrics


  • There isn’t any rating information on its website.

Cover My Furniture Reviews

Cover My Furniture is the most effective custom-made couch and chair covers available within the United Kingdom. Their dedication is evident by their commitment to maintaining high-quality of their products and services.

What’s more? You can find more than 120 different fabrics in a variety of colors and textures to choose from this line. You have the option to personalize your interior design.

Below are a few categories that are available in Cover My Furniture:

Sofa & Chairs CoversCushion Fillers
Cushion CoversAccessories

Since this page must be brief We will look at their most popular products:

Cover My Furniture The Top 3 Best-Seller Products

  1. Chunky Weave Stone – Sofa and Chair Covers
  2. Everyday Velvet Azure – Sofa and Chair Covers
  3. Cotton Diamond – Rich Claret – Sofa and Chair Covers

Let’s go into the review section below, without further delay!

Cover My Furniture’s The Chunky Weave Stone Sofa and chair covers reviews

In one of the top-selling list, Chunky Weave – Stone – Chair and Sofa Covers provides a touch of style sophistication with incredible endurance. So, families with children as well as pet lovers will adore this item.

The brand has 14 neutral colors among which includes the super bright gray color that is featured in the product. It is interesting to note that this color will make your home appear more adaptable. This means that you can be situated in any part of the home and still look great!

Similar to the mix of the combination of Acrylic 40% Polyester as well as 14 percent Cotton offers exceptional comfort and durability. With the help of acrylic it is a comfortable sofa that feels light and is not easily ripped. Additionally, the washable design can help you clean it without fade or shrinking.

So, forget about children or animals and take a look by picking the appropriate sizes. It begins at 429 PS4.

cover My Furniture Daily Velvet Azure Sofa and Chair Covers Review

Everyday Velvet Azure Sofa and Chair Covers is durable gorgeous appearance and is comfy for relaxing. This cover can be used to use it on a daily basis as it’s perfect for leveling up the decor of your home.

Sitting on the sofa is always a good idea! This Velvet fabric is made from 100 percent Polyester. It is regarded as high quality when it comes to durability. Furthermore, this material is simple to maintain and is resistant to discoloration. This makes it ideal for large-scale family use.

The cover is the Azure color. It is well-known for its vivid blue hue that makes make your home appear peaceful and lavish. Do you need a different colour? The brand has 33 more appealing options.

Do you really would like to test this velvet material? If so, make sure to get the proper sizes to the size of your sofa before you do. Take it home now and take advantage of deals starting only 484 dollars. Enjoy shopping!

cover My Furniture Cotton Diamond Rich Claret Sofa and chair covers reviews

If you are looking to incorporate beautiful patterns that have a long-term look and durability, then you’ll love cotton Diamond – – Rich Claret Sofa and chair covers! It has a rich Claret color deep, which gives an impressive and solid design for your contemporary or traditional home.

The covers are made from 80percent cotton and 20 percent Polyester. This combination provides an smooth, soft touch and a sturdy style for many years to be. Additionally it is simple to clean and won’t shrink as quickly. Therefore the furniture will appear like new and can be utilized for a long period of time.

In addition The cotton diamond model is available in 12 different colors that you can pick from. Similar to the previous model the company offers an array size options for sofas or chair. There’s a seat chair cover that can be used as an extra wide sofa cover.

Therefore, if you’d like this elegantly patterned cover to create a sophisticated appearance to your home purchase it now at prices that start from $429..

Who do I Cover My Furniture for?

The brand allows everybody utilize the old furniture by re-covering the sofa instead of buying a brand new one. The idea is to help save the planet’s environment. Additionally, it is to love your couch, which is filled with memories.

This brand gives you an extensive range of colors and styles. It’s also great for those who love pets because they design each item using durable materials that can be cleaned easily.

Is Covering My Furniture Valued?

We can confidently state we are confident that the Cover My Furniture is worth the investment. The company offers top-quality fabric with a luxurious appearance for your furniture. Furthermore that the cover items are perfect for your space since they still make their own work. You can therefore be sure of the high-end design and quality.

Are you still confused? Relax. They will send you free samples of fabrics in various colours. The aim is to assess the fabric’s quality is. You can also discuss the possibility of mixing or matching pieces of furniture which is suitable for your needs.

As a experts on sofa covers provides 3 years guarantee on fabric and craft. In addition, they offer they offer an additional 12 months of cushions infills. Therefore, this is the most beneficial investment you can make!

The Returns Policy for My Covered Furniture

The brand recognizes that each product is not perfect and they will accept refunds for products that are defective. In addition, because of its customized products, they cannot be accepted when you make a change of decision. If you have any concerns you can get assistance from the customer service via their Return page.

“Cover My Furniture Shipping Policy

As part of the mission of the brand to minimize textile waste, your previous cover is required to be sent in to the brand for a sample or copying. In the meantime, you’ll receive a stamped envelope from the company. You can then send it to the closest UPS location.

When all the covers have been received, the production of your new products begins. Additionally, the brand needs just just 28 days to complete all of your orders to ensure the best results.

In addition, the company also offers international shipping to meet everyone’s demand for premium fabrics from experts. Hence, to find out about shipping costs or your location, contact or fill out the form on the brand page.

My Furniture Warranty Cover My Furniture Guarantee

The brand recognizes that purchasing products on the Internet isn’t an easy process. It is important to be aware of the items, the materials and the packaging. Particularly if products do not come in the way you would like them to. Although they are an expert in this field they offer an three-year guarantee for all covers, including craft and fabric.

Furthermore, the brand includes a 12-month period for cushion infill categories. This indicates that the brand is determined to provide the highest quality and is confident about its products’ quality. You can therefore trust this brand to fix your sofa, and you can be sure for many years to come.

How Do I Contact My Furniture

In case you’ve got any concerns about fabrics or covers don’t hesitate reach out to customer support.

  • Call: 01772 901507
  • Email:


Brookhouse Mill Old Lancaster Lane, Preston PR1 7PZ United Kingdom

Where can I buy Cover My Furniture?

Are you interested in buying the item? At present, you can purchase it through the Official website. In spite of this, you’re fully covered by their 3 year warranty. You can also be sure by requesting free fabric samples.

The Furniture I Cover Coupon Codes and Promotions

Find the sturdy covering fabric to your furniture using the following deals! We’ve put together a list of items for those who want to save money:

  • Take advantage of a special deal with up to 25% off for online purchases that are exclusive to you
  • You can avail a discount voucher worth the value of PS15 for Marks and Spencer as a incentive to refer others.
  • Sign up to receive the latest promos and coupons on their site

Are you looking for more? Follow the link to see a range of discount codes.

End of the Cover My Furniture Reviews and Ratings

The CoverMy Furniture is a great alternative cover for your sofas and chairs. They have a variety of patterns, colors and sizes. They also offer customized models to meet your preferences. The aim is to ensure that you are happy and get a real one.

They are also known for their excellent customer service which provides top after-sales. They offer a three-year guarantee that you can’t get at other manufacturers. Additionally, they provide a free samples of fabric to assure that you are getting the best quality. If you’re looking to upgrade or upgrade your furniture do not hesitate to go on their site and get some bargains today!

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