Chicsistar Shoes Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{Aug-2023} Read Here!

Chicsistar Shoes Reviews – If you are in the market for women’s or men’s shoes and you are thinking about purchasing them on the internet, you might be wondering about the quality, design and overall customer satisfaction with Chicsistar shoes. 

Do they appear to be in great condition? Do they come in a range of styles that suit various tastes? What do people think about buying from Chicsistar and how long will they last the shoes? This review will find out the details of Chicsistar shoes through the feedback of customers, their selection of footwear, as well as the price-to-value ratio. Find out whether Chicsistar shoes are the right choice to the right direction to meet your footwear needs.

About Chicsistar Shoes is a company that aims to offer people products they never even desired. Their team is incredibly busy and sleeps in order to make sure that they have a broad range of high-quality products. Chicsistar helps fill the void that is left by traditional suppliers that may require assistance in the areas of sales and management. Their aim is making shopping useful and easy through the use of data to make informed decisions that benefit their customers. Chicsistar strives to provide you with exciting and innovative items that make your life simpler by bringing you the latest inventory constantly. They want to offer these items to everyone who is feasible so that as many users can benefit from the products.

Chicsistar strives to provide superior service. So they recently opened a new warehouse located in the United Kingdom to ship directly from the United Kingdom. This not only benefits the local economy through creating jobs but will also help customers from America. United States get their orders quicker. Chicsistar prides itself on being able to provide high-quality products at affordable prices to ensure that all customers appreciate their goods. Chicsistar hopes to improve the shopping experience of its customers and provide them with the best value for money by making sure that its operations are efficient and expanding its market reach. You can email Chicsistar at to get in touch with them.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

The delivery and shipping strategy of Chicsistar ensures that your products are delivered promptly from their warehouse the destination you wish them to be. It is possible to track your shipment for free for countries like the United States, Europe, Oceania, South-East Asia, and to all other countries. The estimated delivery time is between 10 to 30 business days. It is important to be aware that the shipping process usually takes longer than the stated time frame.

Once an order has been placed the order goes through a series of verification of the order, tailoring, quality control and packing that typically can take between 2 and 6 weeks. After that, the manufacturer forward the order to be delivered. After a short period, Chicsistar sends tracking numbers to your email so that you are able to track your order. If the order doesn’t arrive after 14 weeks which isn’t often the customer can receive an entire refund or new shipment as soon as they can. Customers should contact Chicsistar’s support team for assistance if they require an exchange or refund.

Refund & Exchange Policy

At Chicsistar they are aware that purchasing items for your children prior to the appropriate time could cause growth spurts you didn’t anticipate. This is why there are 30 days after the date you receive your purchase to return it. If you want to exchange or refund the item the item should be in the original packaging and with all the tags still on it. It’s crucial to understand that the 30-day return and exchange policy on domestic purchases does not apply to items on sale. It is possible to exchange items that are currently on sale, or receive free shipping. Chicsistar lets you exchange items free of charge within the US when they’re broken or don’t fit properly, or aren’t the right size. You can email them at if you want to start a trade.

Features of Chicsistar Shoes

  • Wide Variety: Chicsistar has an large selection of shoes suitable for women, which include shoes made of canvas, heels boots, slippers and dress shoes and sandals. The wide selection of shoes allows women to find the perfect pair for any occasion or fashion.
  • Modern and fashionable: Chicsistar keeps up with the most recent trends in women’s shoes by offering fashionable options. The women’s footwear offered by Chicsistar is designed to keep you up with fashion, whether seeking trendy high heels to complement an elegant outfit or chic canvas shoes to create casual and relaxed style.
  • comfort and support Chicsistar put comfort and support on high on their priority list when designing shoes designed for women. With features such as the cushioned, insoles that are cushioned and straps which can be tightened or loosen, they strive to make sure that their shoes fit comfortably and are suitable to wear for long periods of time without causing pain.
  • Premium Quality Material: Chicsistar dedicates itself to creating women’s shoes that are of top quality. The shoes, heels, canvas or slippers, boots, and sandals they design are constructed from high-quality materials. This attention to detail in choosing the right materials ensures that the product lasts and that the purchaser will be satisfied with it.
  • Flexible styles: The Chicsistar collection of women’s footwear comes in many styles which can be worn in various ways depending on the situation and preferences. Chicsistar has a wide selection of styles women can pick from so that they can display their distinctive style with their footwear. These include gorgeous heels that are perfect for formal events and casual canvas shoes suitable to wear everyday and trendy boots for your weekend getaway.

Is Chicsistar Shoes A Legit Website Or Another Online Scam?

We know that there are a number of factors that make us doubt about how reliable is. On the main website, you can find their email address (, but the phone number is hidden, and you need help finding out who owns the website.

This lack of transparency is a cause for me to wonder what their methods of operation are. Moz further states that the domain trust of the site could be much higher than 5, and the site’s scam score of 15 is better than an e-commerce website. These numbers suggest that doing business with may come with potential risks. Additionally, Scam Advisor gives this site a trust rating of 80, which is a further indication to be cautious when dealing with it. maintains an active Facebook page with 3.5k followers and an Instagram account that has 1637 followers that are always current. Strangely enough, these accounts have to be included on the main website.

A closer examination of indicates that the domain was registered on the 17th of May in 2022 and will expire on 2024-05-17. WHOIS registrations, that conceals the owner’s name, is performed by a paid service. These facts make it difficult to think that is legitimate and reliable in conjunction with other warning signs. Before making any transactions through this site it is recommended to be aware and investigate because there are indications that may not be considered a safe location to conduct business.


  • Secured SSL certificate.
  • This site has been rated secure by DNSFilter.
  • Facebook as well as Instagram accounts.
  • Trust score of 66 points from 100.


  • Fake reviews are available on the official site.
  • There aren’t many visitors to this site.
  • Moz DA 5 & Spam score 15%.
  • The website’s owner utilizes a paid service to conceal his identity from WHOIS.

Final Decision

Based on a comprehensive analysis of There are some things that have me concerned about the credibility of the site and its credibility. While the company claims that it has new and high-quality products and wants to be truthful but there are a few suspicious signs. In particular, the site’s owner’s name and address must be publicized and the phone number is not listed raises doubts regarding how they manage their business. 

External sites such as Scam Advisor say that has low domain authority, poor ratings for scams as well as an average score for trust. This means doing business with is a risk. The majority of Chicsistar footwear Reviews found on their website’s official page are positive however, they could use more objective and diverse reviews which makes it difficult to believe that they are genuine.

However negative reviews on review sites that are not affiliated with Chicsistar Shoes hurt their reputation further. In light of these issues and the differences you should be cautious and avoid purchasing anything from When it comes to online retailers, it’s important to ensure transparency, reliable feedback from customers, and a an in-depth study on the top of your list of priorities.

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