Caviar A Luxury Gourmet Food: What Does It Taste Like?

It evokes images of extravagant parties hosted by Hollywood moguls, or state dinners that are hosted by world leaders when it is spoken of. A majority of Americans think of caviar as an extravagant indulgence that is reserved to the wealthy. But, the latest advancements in aquaculture, coupled with American ingenuity, is making caviar available to all.

Gourmet exquisite seafood beluga caviar continues be among the most expensive meals in the world at around $100 for an 1 ounce. Caviar as a food category includes a variety of delicacies that can be a bit daunting for those who don’t have the habit of spending as much on food items that are considered to be special. Chefs from the world of celebrity are spreading news about the newest caviar products available to consumers.

Caspian Sea Fish Stocks Have Attained New Lows

Caviar refers to the unfertilized eggs of sturgeon fish and is often thought as roe which is salted. In some countries where processing is not permitted, only roe of sturgeon is referred to as caviar.

In the United States, it is customary to refer to roes from non-sturgeon species, as caviar with the fish that originated added to the name. For example rainbow trout roe is commonly referred to in the form of “trout caviar” because of its roots within the aquaculture industry.

The three sturgeon species that are native to the Caspian Sea, including the beluga as well as the Russian stellate, and the Russian the most well-known and costly caviar varieties. Making high-quality caviar is an art that requires several years to master and is more like an art form rather than the science you quickly find in Caspian Monarque.

Caviar was first mentioned in writings during the 4th century B.C. in the Aristotle’s writings. Caviar is a delicious delight for Romans that the sound of trumpets would be heard every time it was consumed. But, from 13th century Russians who established the caviar trade and perfected the art of harvesting caviar.

Over the years, people have gone to extreme efforts to get the most sought-after food item. The overfishing and poaching of sturgeon has recently placed a lot of strain on the native sturgeon populations in the Caspian region as a result of the increasing global demand.

In the last 10 years, Beluga caviar has gotten less common and costlier. Caspian beluga populations are decreasing which means fewer fish are caught and increased costs. Evelyn Ignatow, proprietor of Hyde Park Gourmet Food & Wine in Cincinnati states, “I’ve witnessed a 30 to 40 percent price rise in the last seven years.

People still desire to indulge in a bit of extravagantness however, they are becoming interested in knowing the source of their caviar. They are concerned about the process of harvesting as well as whether the sturgeon actually was killed.

Surgeons who specialize in Sturgeon

Certain Caspian fisheries have the procedure of the cesarean section, which is used to remove the sturgeon’s roe with no killing of the fish all to ensure the safety of the population of belugas and ease consumers’ concerns.

After the female is taken to have her roe sucked and her belly closed and let back out into the sea. The President of Marky’s Caviar, Mark Zaslavsky of Miami has signed an agreement with an Russian supplier that requires all beluga caviar purchased from Russia by Marky’s to be harvested live.

“Consumers are becoming more informed about the environmental and political effects of the food they purchase. Chef Mynetta Cockerell from Dallas’ Marty’s Food & Wine states that diners are always asking questions, be it regarding foie gras, sea bass or caviar. I try to inform my clients about important topics such as poaching.

Substitutes for Caspian Caviar

Cockerell asserts that the waning market has had detrimental impact upon the caviar market. She says that consumers are, for largest of the time, put their foot down on spending a lot of money on food. “At Marty’s American Paddlefish as well as salmon Roe are always the top-selling caviars of the year.

Zabar’s chief buyer Ann Zabar has seen the similar pattern. She has claimed that, since September 11, sales of expensive items such as imported caviar have slowed. However, I’m moving lots of salmon roe and paddlefish as well as the need for Sterling white sturgeon caviar has exploded.

Vickie Kelley co-owner of the Tennessee firm Kelley’s Katch Caviar, says business has grown 50-75% in the last three years. Based on her findings, the business has increased dramatically since it was given an excellent rating from The Wall Street Journal.

Salmon roe and caviar should definitely be included in your menu for a luxury. However, here are a few items you’ll need to think about when you’re opening your own restaurant.

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