Camojojo Trail Camera Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{Aug-2023} Genuine Read Here!

Other than the other outdoor equipment than clothing, a crucial piece of equipment when hunting is cameras. Thus, Camojojo Trail Camera enhances outdoor activities by recording your hunt with precise photos and videos!

Camojojo is a company that operates outdoors. They focus on the development of trace cameras as well as two solar panels. The company produces products made of top-quality, durable, sturdy material.

The brand has augmented with the highest quality of every item by the launch of an extremely robust application. The app also comes with an affordable and accessible data plan that is affordable for all. It is true that just one application gives you all the desired data!

In addition it also offers the possibility of innovative co-creation conceptby taking advantage of the many avid outdoor sports fans. This way their fans can be a part of the solution to the development of outdoor products that meet the needs of the preferences of their customers.

As a market leader, the brand offers the highest quality services with free shipping worldwide. Additionally, numerous cooperative partners have highlighted the brand. Some of the most famous partners include Fox40Boston and many more.

As of now the company has captivated people with its lens. That’s why the number of people who follow them on Facebook has surpassed 13, 000. Camojojo Trail Camera reviews continue to be conducted. Make sure to take the time to read the profile of this company afterward!

Introduction to Camojojo Trail Camera

The company was established in 2021.. A group of marketing and engineering professionals who are avid outdoorsmen discovered the company’s brand. The company’s founders say that it is now a market leader in the industry of trail cameras.

The primary goal of the brand was to create new outdoor products that were innovative with its fans. Additionally, the goal is to encourage sustainable and responsible outdoor activities.

The company’s mission is to be the leading outdoor sports product manufacturer. The objective is to create outdoors activities easier and more enjoyable.

The company has poured a lot of money in R&D, also known as R&D. Being a top player that competitors cannot match is their goal.

Additionally, the technology includes the most sophisticated lens as well as rapid trigger speeds. Additionally, there are the recognition of animals by AI along with live streaming.

Did you gain valuable knowledge? If you’re looking for more, you should keep an eye on the brand’s review coming to you next!

Camojojo Trail Camera Review

Camojojo Trail Camera is the most reliable trail camera that is cellular within the US. They usually sell live cams, as well as dual solar panels.

The company sells panels and cams. They offer unique t-shirts as well as hunting Hoodies. Furthermore, the lems of the brand come in two varieties: Camojojo best live stream and Camojojo Trace LTE camera.

The next step is to complete the cameras by providing a companion application. The application is available to download on any of the iOS or Android operating system. It is recommended to own a smartphone which supports 5G or 4G networks.

The brand also provides the most comprehensive data plan available for access to unlimited live-stream video and images. Additionally, you can be a part of the business by making cams using the co-creation software.

What else do we discuss after this? We’d like to dissect the following issues:

  • Three top-selling products
  • Data plan review
  • Benefits

We will go over each aspect over in detail We hope that you pay attention.

Camojojo Trail Camera Best Live Stream Trail Camera Reviews

What is it that makes Camojojo the Best Live Trail Camera well-known in comparison to other cameras that trace? It is a camera that can instantly receiving videos with no hassle. Additionally, you can make a request for HD for no cost.

The Camojojo Trace Trail Camera is able to record up to 3k pictures. Additionally, it comes with the latest technology of 1080p video and strong audio. These features are useful to see what’s happening during the dark night in the forest.

The company claims that the 0.2 rate is the most effective in its class when it comes to stimulation speed. The feature makes it simple for you to catch wild animal within the area around! Additionally, there are three multishot options for viewing all-round targets.

What is the quality of the trace cam performing? The premium IP66 waterproof makes it to function in harsh conditions, tropical rainforests or deserts. This is why it works well! It provides security from drops, rain as well as dust.


  • Sending video in real-time
  • Live streaming that you can share with your friends
  • NFC-powered
  • HD photos & videos
  • 0.2 trigger speed
  • AI animal recognition
  • An antenna that is compact in design
  • OTA remote updates
  • Battery life is extended
  • Installed SIM card
  • Cloud storage for 365 days

The Camojojo camera is priced at $129.99from $139.99. It is a great way to meet like-minded hunters within Camojojo. Camojojo community.

Get your targets in the right direction with up-to-date GPS tracker, weather, and a smart tag maps. Also, find a thorough description of functions and the features you receive in the box by clicking the button.

Camojojo Trail Camera Combo – Trace + Double Solar Panel Reviews

A brand-new camera isn’t enough. It is possible to try this kit Camojojo Combo – Trace and Dual Solar Panel. This set includes one camera as well as an array of panels.

Similar to the first review, you’ll be able to see the video’s first turn which means you will pattern your target motions on each trigger. It features a 360-verticle, flexible holders that can quickly hit your target.

You can now monitor the exact spot where your target is in a single click and view a live stream in a matter of seconds! Additionally, you’ll get live notifications when engaging in online games on your mobile.

The H265 compress technology lets you to transfer information, for example, sending pictures and videos quickly. It saves your funds and your data!


  • Real-time transmission of video
  • Live streaming
  • NFC-equipped
  • HD photos & videos
  • 0.3-second trigger that is responsive
  • Animal Identity & Analysis
  • An optimized antenna
  • Three modes that were captured
  • Hunting community
  • GPS weather information on an image
  • Remote firmware updates
  • More solar energy capture
  • Batteries with longer life

Get the innovative double-panel folding set for just $244.98from $269.98. We guarantee that you’ll be fulfilled as you do your role in green energy and cost savings when you purchase the bundle. Also, visit the locationif you’d like to follow the instruction manual and then set up your panel.

Camojojo Trail Camera Double Solar Panel Reviews

If you have already purchased the camera an alternative to your camera could be Camojojo Double Solar Panel. Camojojo Double Solar Panel. Like the name implies, this item has two surfaces. The purpose of this shape is to give an unstoppable power source and benefits that are not stoppable.

The double name isn’t only for aesthetics. It actually offers double on every aspect, performance as well as battery capacity. In addition, just like the camera, the panel is equally simple to set up and then use.

Furthermore this double solar panel also has 3 USB ports (containing USB, USB-C, and DC). It’s suitable for all cameras that trace. In addition, the brand is updating the Bionic Tree technology in order to ensure that the trace is more secure.

The sturdy product comes with 135 mm x 28mm with 185 mm of dimensions. A battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh ensures that your camera has a longer lifespan and allows for longer recording. You don’t have to fret about the weather! The panel is capable of surviving temperatures ranging from the temperature of -22° to 158° Fahrenheit.


  • Grade A is the standard grade.
  • 6-watt maximum output power
  • Have IP66 waterproofing feature.
  • The conversion rate is up to 23 percent.
  • Broad Compatibility
  • Innovative double-panel folding design
  • Batteries with longer life
  • Accurate solar energy capture has increased
  • Instant expert reply

Get a great deal starting at $129.99, now just $119.99. We suggest you take the additional 18 percent off when you are checking out. In addition, to understand the value of an item of panel you can click here.

Camojojo Trail Camera Data Plan Reviews

The company is aware that buying data plans on your own can be a challenge. This is why they provide monthly and annual data plans.

When you sign up to the plans via the app, you will avail unlimited access to a 7-day no-cost trial of photos and videos. Below are the boxes and costs for the plans:

Data plan package

Description300 pictures/videos sendingsUnlimited trigger800 pictures/videos sendingsUnlimited trigger10 minutes live stream10 HD downloadsUnlimited pictures/videos sendingsUnlimited trigger20 minutes live stream20 HD downloads
PriceMonthly: $4.99Yearly: $54.99Monthly: $7.99Yearly: $84.99Monthly: $11.99Yearly: $119.99

Extra package

OptionHDLive streaming
Description100 HD photos and videos60 minutes of streaming

Additionally, check out this webpage to see which countries are include in AT&T coverage. The trace trail camera is able to work with Verizon The company is trying to find a way to finance it.

Camojojo Trail Camera Benefits

We know how convincing yourself of advantages and disadvantages isn’t enough. So, we dissect the benefits each one-by-one to get you more convinced.

Also, grab your pen and look at the potential benefits as follows:

  • Instant video streaming and playing

The feature allows you to send and receive real-time updates and also recordings.

  • Real-time & clean live streaming

When you view videos using this app, users will see HD-quality video and live-time views of the surrounding area.

  • Built-in SIM and 32 GB SD cards

The cards enable users to transfer data as well as store many videos.

  • PIR precise and 0.2-second timing of trigger

The benefit lies in the speed of trigger that is lightning fast. It can be used to capture prey targets within an 0.2 rate.

  • Incredible HD quality

This feature offers resolution that is 720P/1080p to give outstanding clarity. In addition, it comes with 80-foot night vision and advanced imaging sensor technology which gives sharp 3K images even in the darkest nights.

  • Share cameras other people

Everyone can now join and share videos. The feature is unlimited and is certainly cost-free.

Camojojo Trail Camera Pros and Pros and

To provide customers with a clear understanding of the services Camojojo has to offer, we’ll briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their products.


  • Materials of high-quality
  • Stable and durable design
  • Professionally certified global outdoor cameras producers
  • It is simple to set up and use
  • Affordable prices
  • 100% secure checkout
  • 100% client usage satisfaction
  • Support for customers in the US
  • Free & fast worldwide shipping
  • Free premium plan for 30 days of data
  • 2 years guarantee


  • Only provide AT&T web internet service.

Who Is Camojojo Trail Camera For?

The most effective trace cameras of the company are suitable for people who love outdoors activities like fishing, hunting, or camping. If you’re an person who is passionate about wild wildlife and wildlife, then capturing their moment by using the Camojojo trace camera is the ideal choice.

Additionally, hunters are the primary focus. They are usually interested in observing animals and are not always constantly on the move. Anyone who has a job in the field as the angler is the ideal customer to purchase one of the Camojojo’s finest mobile trace cameras.

Is Camojojo Trail Camera Worth It?

All Cam products are in excellent condition. Camojojo Trail Camera is worthy in every way. The company supports the cams with night vision of 850NM.

The cam’s speed to capture images is 0.2 trigger speed. Furthermore, rain is not an issue to put the camera in use since it is waterproof to IP66.

A detection angle of 86 degrees ensures that you won’t miss your object when recording. The same is the reason why it comes with a 65 millimeter detection range to help you focus on the target.

Additionally, the ability to send live video streaming ensures that it is safe to share with your colleagues. You pay only a few dollars because the company provides customers with a variety of discounts.

Camojojo Trail Camera Shipping Policy

What you need to be aware of is the system for shipping. The company allows customers to get free shipping for orders from the US.

Typically, the items that you purchase will arrive delivered to your address within three to five working days. If there is a delay then you’ll be able to track the tracking number that is provided.

Camojojo Trail Camera Return Policy

As with any other online retailer, Camojojo offers a return within 30 days from the time that the tracking document shows the status of delivery. In terms of warranty, Camojojo offers the buyer with a two-year warranty from the original day of purchase.

Additionally, we recommend that you contact the company’s customer support department by email at before placing any refund or return. They will provide you with the address for return and offer instructions. For more details on the warranty, check out this website.

How To Contact Camojojo Trail Camera

Customers are often asked detailed inquiries. So, it is important to include in the reviews. Contact us Monday through Sunday between 9 am until 5 pm CST.

  • Phone: 888-533-1006
  • Support for customers via email:
  • Contact us at:

The brand also is able to use social media:

  • Facebook: Camojojo
  • Instagram: @camojojoofficial
  • TikTok: @camojojo


Las Vegas, NV, United States, Nevada

Where can I purchase Camojojo Trail Camera?

One way to get the Camojojo Trail cameras is to buy the cameras on the site. You can also purchase a double solar panel as well as an exclusive t-shirt on the website.

There are two marketplaces online that you can check out, Amazon and eBay. Alongside, local camera stores can also be accessed.

Finalization of Camojojo Trail Camera Reviews and Ratings

Get connected to your passion for hunting by using Camojojo’s trail camera. The brand provides trail cameras as well as its double solar panels at the lowest prices in comparison to other brands. We guarantee that the products are weatherproof and tough.

Enjoy the wonderful moments of watching nature’s wild creatures in the woods perfectly recorded on your device with the brand’s camera. You can also enjoy the recorded moments with your loved ones in real-time via live streaming. Get your tickets now!

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