Budget Beach Honeymoon Destinations: Top 5 In The World! Detail Here!{MAY-2023}

You adore her. She is a lover of you as well. You made a proposal to her, and she said yes! Then it’s a couple of months later and you’re not sure the best place to go to on your wedding. The only thing you have to know is the fact that you of you are water lovers and, if you choose to go to your destination, it’s likely to be a sunny beach. And there is another issue. You don’t want to blow the bank.

Does this seem similar to you and/or you or someone you know? If yes, then take a look no further, because this are the top 5 beach destinations that are budget-friendly wedding destinations in around the globe.

1) Turkey


A single of the most natural locations in this world. Turkey is filled with long-standing markets, churches, and beaches. The people are warm and welcoming and the local food is tasty and affordable. What else can you ask for? ask for when you are on holiday?

Antalya has numerous beaches, but the best is according to people living there is in is the Cirali beach. While it is located just an hour away from the city, its quiet and beautiful beach will more than compensate for the lengthy drive. Another reason why you should love Cirali is its simple, earthy atmosphere that is completely because of its location that is away from the bustle and noise of urban life. You can stay for hours in the area looking out at distant mountains and ships.

Best Time to Visit

Turkey is an Mediterranean country that experiences mild winters and warm summers. The best time to visit is in the period between June and April is when Spring is at its height. Also, you could also visit between September and October as the summer heat fades to a cool autumn. Beware of July and August as these are high-traffic times and you will see all the major tourist attractionsbusy.



More than 7000 island to discover, Philippines is a unique location to explore. This destination has its own blend of natural and cultural encounters and is separated from popular tourist destinations like Bangkok as well as Bali. In addition to its stunning waterfalls Philippines has the benefit of many stunning coral reefs and beaches. Add a touch of Spanish cuisine and architecture, mingled with a colorful mix of religions and music to create an enticing mixture that creates Philippines very easy to get into however difficult to leave.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to travel to The Philippines is between November between November and February. It is during this time that you will see sunny days, cool nights and nearly no humidity. Take light cotton clothing and plenty of sunscreen. It is always advisable to look for warnings of typhoons before heading in the Philippines. I was fortunate to be able to avoid one by an entire day!

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is famous for its sprawling coastline and relaxing beaches. Hikkaduwa is an unassuming town located on south shores of Sri Lanka, about 98 kilometers from the south of Colombo. There are several buses and trains that depart from Colombo that can transport you there to Hikkaduwa. The train travels through the coastline and offers stunning panoramic views of ocean views of the Indian Ocean. This town by itself has all the luxuries of the beach’s most sought-after destination including seaside eateries along with street shops and signboards in Russian in addition to Hebrew! The perfect place to swim and spend in a trance for hours of enjoyment The sea is comfortable and warm, while the surf waves are pleasant to look at. This is what makes Hikkaduwa one of the most sought-after surf destinations and a popular beach destination. Enjoy the things you like the most, take a swim, get a tanning session, stroll along the shoreline or unwind with a glass of wine or six.

Best Time to Visit

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination that has two monsoon seasons which means that no which time you visit, you will have a great time. But, the ideal time to travel to Western coast in Sri Lanka is in the winter months of November to March. This is the time that Hikkaduwa is most inviting.



The most beautiful of known as the pearl of Andaman, Phuket has grown from a quaint charming town to an enviable and bustling destination for travelers from all across the world. It’s not without reason. A few of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket are situated on a tiny island that is located off the coast that is known as Koh Phi Phi. There’s no more perfect place in this world for you to relax then on one of Phi Phi’s spectacular beaches. The islands are easy to reach by ferry, with several tourism companies providing two-way ferry service throughout the day.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to travel to Phuket is during the months of April and August. While it is typically hot and humid in these months, it is the time of year when you will discover great discounts in everything including hotels and tours. The months of December to January are the busiest months in Phuket for those looking to make friends with like-minded travelers within massive crowds.



Oman is a popular tourist destination, and with good reason. Apart from its stunning deserts and stunning architecture, Oman has several hidden treasures to discover that will make you think, “Oh my God!” Water in Oman’s Gulf of Oman is usually warm in the bath as well as the surfs are smooth. The long, pure expanse of sandy white beach is ideal for the water lover in you. What are you doing? Get on a plane towards Muscat for a trip to have the best time of your lifetime with your partner!

Best Time to Visit

The ideal season to go to Oman is during the months of November to February. It is during this time that you will see sunny nights, warm days and nearly no humidity. Be sure to wear light cotton clothing and plenty of sunscreen.

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