Best 10 Brands Like Stussy For Trendy Streetwear:{JUNE-2023}

If you’re even a little curious about surfing, skating or streetwear, you’ve probably heard about Stussy. A highly acclaimed American style house Stussy began its journey in the year 1980, in the sunny state of California. 

The brand is well-known within the skateboarding, surfing and hip-hop worlds, Stussy is all about having a spirited and free spirit. It is always being influenced by youth, art and culture.

If you’re a huge fan of Stussy and are looking to buy from other brands similar to Stussy to it, here are 15 brands that are similar to Stussy that you could browse through.

Brands Similar to Stussy

1. Supreme

Stussy has been in operation since 1994, when it officially opened in Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan.

Similar to Supreme the brand also grew to be a symbol of downtown culture, that was continually influenced by young people from the skate, hip-hop and punk communities. These youth were also very attracted by the brand.

2. Undisputed

In 2002 Undefeated is the first to introduce authentic apparel and sneakers that offer curated items along with exclusive collaboratives.

In the main, they are targeting a young male market, Undefeated is the home of all apparel and accessories that exude cool streetwear vibes.

3. Jaded London

If you’re a fan of the creative aspect of Stussy You’ll surely be awed by Jaded London. Jaded London provides clothing for both females and males who don’t hesitate to express their individuality through bold, artistic and vibrant clothing and accessories.

4. Acne Studios

With its headquarters located in Stockholm, Acne Studios is an established fashion house that was established by Jonny Johansson, who has a keen interest in art, photography and architecture.

Similar to Stussy, Acne Studios adapts to modern times and is inspired by fashion trends and the younger generation.

5. Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club is a fashion brand founded in the year 2003 in 2003 by Nigo along with Pharrell Williams.

A clothing, accessories as well as lifestyle label, Billionaire Boys Club is a blend of streetwear and luxury that is influenced by – and is influenced by music, fashion design, fashion, and culture.

6. Jiberish

The brand is based within Denver, Colorado. Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, Jiberish is a brand for the lifestyle market that’s been around since.

If you’re a fan Stussy’s playful designs, Jiberish is right up your street. Jiberish’s branding combines city living, mountain life and winter sports, making it a lifestyle brand that is suitable for everyone.

7. Noah

The company is based located in New York, Noah is a New York-based American clothing company for men. The brand produces and designs clothing that expresses the rebellious spirit of surfing, skateboarding and music styles.

Aiming at sustainability and style, Noah is an awesome alternative to Stussy that is not just aligned with its style but also the company’s objectives and mission!

8. Aime Leon Dore

Aime Leon Dore is a fashion label based in Queens, New York that is focused on simple but powerful designs that are distinctive and modern.

Elegant and appropriate for every and every occasion. Aime Leon Dore will be an amazing clothing brand that will make you feel like a main character everywhere you go.

9. Obey

In 2001, Obey was founded by artist and street-artist Shepard Fairey, Obey is an apparel brand that caters to both men and women, based located in Irvine, California.

Similar to Stussy, Obey is a clothing brand with roots in subcultures that are connected with skateboarding, street art and punk rock.

Obey is fashionable, and marketed at the younger crowd and is a cool clothing brand that is loved by many.

10. Carhartt WIP

Carhartt Work In Progress Carhartt Work In Progress is an arm of Carhartt. It is an affiliate of the American business, Carhartt, which was one of the first companies to introduce working apparel throughout America. United States.

Similar to the other brands, Carhartt WIP also focuses on practical clothes, but more fashionable and appealing to the younger age group. Carhartt WIP is casual, stylish, and of top quality. Anyone can wear it and feel comfortable and secure in!


With all the amazing brands such as Stussy, we would like to see you having some extra space within your wardrobe. Each of these brands is extremely artistic, imaginative and distinctive and therefore you can’t be wrong with any of them.

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