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Music streaming throughout your home is now easier than ever using a wireless music streaming device. This device is perfect in audio quality and ease of use. There are many options and styles available. One of the most sought-after styles can be the Arylic.

What exactly is a wireless audio streamer? It’s an essential component of the hi-fi equipment you have. It connects with your network at home as well as it will connect to the web. This allows you to play your favorite music online and browse digital files within and around your home.

Arylic is an audio company for homes that specializes in networking audio systems. They offer a variety of models to take you to the top of the audio experience. It comes with in-ceiling speaker, amps, streaming preamps speakers along with DIY-friendly audio.

Based on the social media platforms the company is enjoying great interaction with customers. They have 1.5kplus users of Facebook, 1.4k+ followers on Instagram and 2.2kplus followers on YouTube.

The product has been sold to thousands of customers all over the world. Furthermore, a majority of customers give an excellent review due to its outstanding qualities and overall high-end quality.

To make it easier to understand the brand’s essence look through the Arylic overview. It will allow you to evaluate everything, particularly if you have never heard of the company.

The Overview of Arylic

Arylic is a technology company created by a group of experts from the field of home audio. It is a retailer of the wireless streaming of audio and other lifestyle tech products. It is proud of its ability to offer the simplicity and versatility to manage the audio system in your home.

As such, all of our products are made using the latest technology that is based on guidelines. They maintain their quality from the beginning. So, Arylic has received a positive review from its customers.

Additionally, the company strives to create a positive shopping experience to everyone. This is why they provide affordable rates and never compromise the sound quality. Therefore, purchasing high-quality streamers without breaking the bank is a great option.

Additionally, Arylic markets its products in a global manner. Arylic has four warehouses spread across four different locations.

Arylic Highlights

  • Shipping worldwide
  • Shipping is fast and free
  • 30 days return for free
  • 12 months guarantee
  • Lifetime maintenance
  • Ultimate expert support

Arylic reviews

Wireless streaming is simple with Arylic. It delivers all the house audio into your favourite speakers with ease. Additionally the wireless audio gadgets have been designed with care to provide high-quality sound across the entire space.

Aside from that, Arylic devices are specially created to be 3 times smaller than standard amplifiers. It can provide a more powerful stereo audio throughout the room thanks to its small dimensions. You can also put it wherever you want and not take up any space.

It is a complete audio system that you can use in your home. Every device comes with great features. However, they may differ with the specific model. These functions include the ability to connect to Apple products, Amazon, and Alexa.

Additionally, Acrylic devices require WiFi, Bluetooth, and DLNA connections to remain connected from afar. Make sure you have a stable network in order to get smooth and clear audio experience.

Here are some of the devices you can select from:

Stereo AmplifierStereo Audio Preamplifier
A30+ Mini Stereo AmpH50 Wireless Stereo AmpA50+ Wireless Stereo ampB50 Bluetooth Stereo ampA50+ Stereo AmpThe S50 Pro+ Stereo Wireless PreampS10 Wireless Music StreamerM400 4-Zone Stereo Preamp
Pro, Up2stream Mini HD DACMidbass SpeakersAMT TweetersAccessoriesRK30 Wall Mount SpeakerRK525 In-Ceiling SpeakerWBC65 Wireless SpeakerBK501/651 Bookshelf Speaker

The stereo is actually fully compatible with 15plus music services which are supported. It supports Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Internet Radio, USB Stick, NAS, TuneIn, and Tidal. You can stream any music from at the convenience of your own home.

Then there’s the easy installation and use. It is also possible to follow the instructions for every delivery package. There are only three steps required in just less than a minute to install.

Are you prepared to pick your Arylic products? We’ve put together the top 5 Arylic products with comprehensive reviews to take into consideration. Continue reading!

Arylic S50 Pro+ Review

The first item we’ll look at includes The S50 Pro+ Wireless Stereo preamp. This preamplifier for streaming wirelessly becomes the choice of Amazon, with a rating at 4.2/5 stars.

In short it’s a simple description. S50 Pro+ allows you to stream radio or music without any limitations on distance. It is able to take signals that comes from WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB and then converting it into a loud speaker.

Furthermore the S50 Pro+ offers the highest audio quality and steady streaming. Additionally, it has Bluetooth 5.0 HD aptX connectivity and the ESS9023 Sabre Digital Audio. You can also connect your smart device to connect to the S50 Pro+ from everywhere.

Also, the S50 Pro+ also has 12 ports to connect all audio equipment in one go. It’s easy to handle all-house audio sources like an audio amplifier or audio speakers powered by a power source, vinyl or a CD player.

We are awestruck by the minimalist design. This S50 Pro+ has a slim style that can be placed in any room of your home. It can enhance your decor and provide amazing music streaming that will keep you going.

What’s the price? It’s a bit expensive. S50 Pro+ retails for $219.00. Get it today to let it run the audio equipment like a professional!

Package includesSpecification
S50 Pro+ Wireless StereoFunctional Remote Control3 Audio Input & 5 Audio OutputExternal AntennasUser ManualDimensions 116.2 64x 22.6mmThe weight is 0.2 kgEthernet Single 10/100M RJ45Power Input: 5V/1A Micro USB InputAudio Output: Line Out x 1 / 1 V

Arylic 50+ A50+ Reviews

Make use of the A50+ 50W 2-Streaming Amplifier to power your bookcase and ceiling speakers. It will bring the most listening experience to any room with HD high-quality audio.

The appeal of A50+ A50+ is its ease of creating multi-room audio streams at home with no limitations. Connect the streamer to AirPlay or the 4STREAM app to control the speakers in every room. You can then listen to different or the same music simultaneously.

Furthermore to that, the A50+ comes with two 50W ultra power amplifiers that transmit sound throughout the space. It is connected to various sources like Bluetooth 5.0 as well as WiFi, USB disk, Optical In, Micro USB DAC and NAS.

Furthermore, you can also use the A50+ in your home to ease the strain of your hectic schedule. It’s perfect for living rooms or bedroom, music room garage, the home office. It also assists you to relax and relax.

The ultimate wireless home audio system will meet your professional needs. This system helps you stay on top of your activities regardless of whether you are playing in your game area or in the editing room for music videos.

Package includesSpecification
A50+ Wireless Stereo Amplifier24V 4.16A DC Power AdapterExternal Antennas, Remote Control2-2-2 RCA Cable, 2-1 RCA Cable Screw DriverFour Pin Connector for Phoenix User’s ManualDimensions 116.2 64x 22.6mmThe weight is 0.2 kgEthernet. Single RJ45 10/100M.An Input for Power: DC 12V-24VAudio Output: Sub Out x1 / 2Vrms

Arylic B50: Reviews

Rely with the B50 Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier with Audio Transmitter to be the most reliable audio amplifier wireless for your home speaker.

B50 can support the aptx HD Quadcomm QCC3040 for the highest quality transmission. It allows you to stream your favorite music via your smartphone. This makes it simple to listen to music with headphones. headset with crystal clear high-quality audio.

Furthermore, this B50 comes with the Bluetooth receiver as well as a the transmitter mode. Additionally, it has an amplified 50-watt Bluetooth amplifier. It can provide powerful sound to your speakers on the bookshelf computer Home AV, Home background music and gaming.

In addition to that, it is one of the best wireless audio systems available. B50 is the perfect wireless audio system to enjoy music video, movies and much more. It is also able to send data to two devices simultaneously thanks to the dual link technology.

Oh! B50 also has a an easy-to-use Controls for the App. The best part is that the App is available for free on Android as well as iOS. Get it now for the special cost at $139.00!

Package includesSpecifications
B50 Bluetooth AmpRemote ControlExternal Antennas24V/4.16A Power SupplyUser ManualDimensions: 185×155 50mmWeight: 900gBluetooth Standard, 15mSpeaker Impedance: 4 – 8 ohmFrequency Response 20Hz up to 20Khz

Arylic S10: Review

If you’re looking for a brand beginner to wireless music players, think about the S10 Wireless Music Streamer. The entry-level wireless music streaming device comes with a number of great features at an affordable price.

S10 is the top WiFi music streaming device for novices. S10 utilizes the WiFi connection to link to the internet, music streaming and phone storage Line In, USB stick, NAS and even internet radio. It also supports other connections, such as Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect.

If you are looking to set up the appearance of a multiroom zone and you want to make it multiroom, you can include additional Arylic Wireless streaming equipment. In addition, the 4STREAM application can help you manage the multiroom audio system in the distance.

The remote control is part of the kit if you do not have an internet connection that is stable. The remote is user-friendly and allows you to set your own settings as an easy task.

Additionally, S10 WiFi Music Streamer is now available for purchase. The price here. $69.00 instead of the normal cost instead of the regular $99.00 If you purchase it today.

Package includesSpecification
S10 WiFi Audio Streamer5V1A Micro USB Power AdapterAux 3.5mm Cable, 2-1 RCA CableRemote ControlUser ManualWeight: 0.2kgFrequency Response 20Hz-20kHzDimensions 116.2 the size of 64x 22.6mmPower Input: 5V/1A Micro USB InputEthernet Single 10/100M Ethernet RJ45

Anrylic Up2Stream Review

Create a custom wireless audio system that’s more accessible than ever before with the Up2Stream amp. It’s the perfect choice for DIY fans.

Its Up2Stream Amp can be described as amplifying circuit board. It is connected to the internet via WiFi Spotify Connect, Airplay, Bluetooth 5.0, and other wireless connectivity supports. Thus, Up2Stream Amp provides seamless wireless streaming that is accessible via your mobile devices.

Furthermore, this multi-functional amplifier board comes with the stereo as well as mono modes. In particular the stereo mode is able to offer a maximum of 50W power. The mono mode can provide as much as 100W for one channel.

As opposed to other amplifier boards Up2Stream is extremely simple to use thanks to the user-friendly interface. This means there is no need for soldering of pins to start the setup. Furthermore, the plugging process makes it easier to connect the speaker.

In addition, the robust Up2Stream supports a broad array of audio lossless format. It supports MP3, AAC FLAC, ALAC, APE, WAV, and AAC+. Additionally, you’ll get high-quality audio with quality of 44.1kHz/16 bits on CD. Impressive!

What do you have to be waiting for? It’s a straightforward but strong amplifier board. Get it now to claim an offer at $79.00 to be had for for a limited period of time!

What do you have to be waiting for? It’s a basic but strong amplifier board. Get it now to claim an offer that is $79.00 to be had for for a limited period!

Package includesSpecifications
Up2Stream Amplifier Board4pin Analog ConnectorScrew DriverWiFi AntennaUser ManualDimensions Sizes: 110 x 80x 22mmWeight: 300gWiFi: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4GInternet Wired: Ethernet 1 10/100M Single RJ45Amplifier Chip: TPA3116D2Speaker Impedance: 4-8O

Arylic Pros & Cons

To help you evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you weigh the pros and cons of each below:


  • It is extremely powerful and produces high-quality sound throughout the room.
  • It is compatible in conjunction with Alexa and Amazon devices.
  • It works with Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, and many other music connections.
  • The overall design is excellent.
  • Quick and easy to set up within minutes
  • The cost is affordable for home streamers as well as speakers


  • No optical digital audio input

Who is Arylic Used For?

Arylic audio devices are specifically designed to be used for homes usage. You can listen to a brand new audio system in the comfort of your own home. It can be placed at your preferred spot wherever you want, such as your bedroom, living room kitchen or home gym, in the backyard, etc.

In addition, Arylic is suitable for people who wish to try stereo wireless amplifiers so that they can listen to music from any location simultaneously. Arylic is the ideal solution for your professional needs.

In the end, many devices are easy to use for novices. This lets you get a great experience with wireless audio over the network. It is easy to set up and use.

Is Arylic a Good Idea?

We can honestly say that the Arylic wireless audio streaming can be worthwhile purchasing. It is a great product that has been designed using advanced technological advancements to ensure good performance.

Furthermore, there are numerous choices of wireless devices to pick from. This means you can choose the devices that meet your requirements. Additionally, the site is simple to navigate, making it simple for you to browse through the devices.

Regarding prices We believe that Arylic has reasonable price for the majority of its items. There are also attractive discounts. It’s an excellent way to keep your money in check isn’t it?

How Do I Contact Arylic

Meet with the customer support team to seek assistance. You can contact them via the following methods of contact:

  • Email:
  • Telephone number: +86 18598265863
  • Contact us via on the Contact page

If you require faster assistance For faster assistance, you can use the Online Chat at the bottom right on your display. The support team will be accessible during normal business hours from Sunday to Thursday between 8:00 pm and 9:00 AM CST.

Arylic Shipping Policy

There’s good news! Wherever you are you are able to purchase the Arylic sound system. They provide international shipping at no cost shipping. You can get no cost shipment on orders of $90 local delivery, and $150or more for international purchases.

In addition, all items are delivered from the nearest warehouse to your location. The delivery times vary from one to five work days or more. It is contingent on the location and the shipping company you choose. Additionally, visit the shipping page to learn more about shipping time and cost.

Arylic Return Policy

Arylic provides 30-days of no-cost return when you aren’t satisfied with the purchased product. You are not required to pay for return shipping costs in certain circumstances. It can be due to defective components or devices that are damaged, as well as the wrong product shipped.

You are able to return the item even if it’s past 30 days. However, you’ll be responsible for shipping charge if the returned item is not found to be defective or damaged.

To request a refund please send your request via the Returns Center. You will be notified within a short time for any further actions.

Where can I buy Arylic?

For a relaxing listening to music at home with Arylic you must visit this web site of the official. You can also locate the Arylic product on Amazon.

The end of Arylic Reviews & Ratings

Which wireless streaming devices best suit your needs? There are a variety of options available for Arylic’s wireless sound system available at Arylic. To make it easier take note of the features that you will need to boost the sound quality of your home speakers.

Additionally, it is an established brand that you can count on. The whole range of products are great. Additionally, you can purchase the top wireless stereo amplifier or other gadgets while lowering your wallet. Add it to your cart and purchase today!

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