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Rental services for clothing are getting increasingly popular in recent years since, in all honesty, who wouldn’t like to receive a continuous supply of brand new clothing and accessories delivered directly to their door without paying the full retail price?

Find Armoire is a rental service that specializes in modern clothes for women. How do Armoire compare to its competitors? Check out the Armoire reviews to see what I’m thinking.

What is Armoire?

Armoire is a clothing subscription company that was founded in 2016 by the chief executive officer, Ambika Singh.

Armoire was conceived around the concept of being an “boss woman,” meaning the subscription service primarily provided outfits for working women as well as people looking for clothes for work and work occasions.

Armoire Reviews

There are many well-known clothing subscriptions available which is why you may be unfamiliar with Armoire to this point however they’re an option for renting clothes that you’ll need to remember.

Armoire offers three membership plans that give you access to all of Armoire’s collections and personal styling tips and suggestions. In the end, Armoire is a great brand to rent a wide range of different styles of clothes from. If you’re looking for elegant workwear or casual clothing, they have many options.

Note I personally would rather Nuuly because they have more trendy pieces and streetwear (they are part of the same company that owns Urban Outfitters, which should speak for itself). If you prefer more modern styles, Armoire is a good choice.

Collection 4 stars

Armoire provides a broad selection of emerging and designer brands for members to choose from. However, if you’re seeking well-known high-end brands such as Gucci or Balenciaga Unfortunately, you will not find them in Armoire.

However, Armoire does still have well-known brands that we love such as Rag and Bone, Joie and many more.

Price 4 stars

The highest amount you can anticipate to spend on Armoire is about $249 per month, and the least expensive membership costing $79 per month.

If you use Armoire and Armoire, you can anticipate to rent pieces with a price that can exceed $500! This is fantastic because you’re actually getting value for money each piece you choose to rent.

How Armoire Works

The first thing you need to do before beginning your journey with Armoire is to to take the style quiz. The quiz will help Armoire’s stylists to understand what you’re looking for as well as what exactly you want to gain out of working with Armoire.

If you take the style test, you’re likely to encounter questions regarding your body measurements, the designs and hues you prefer the most, what aesthetics of style you’re drawn to, as well as many more.

The survey assists Armoire’s stylists in getting the idea of what you’d like your personal style to look like and be authentic! After that, you’ll have an outfit that you can pick from. We love that they let you choose the items you want, making sure that you don’t get clothes that you don’t like.

How Does It Work?

Armoire Subscription Review

As previously mentioned, Armoire has three subscription plans for members to choose from.

The Wardrobe Pick-Me-Up

The least expensive plan of the three plans, The Wardrove Pick-Me-Up subscription plan is an item-based plan with four items.

Members who subscribe to this subscription are able to rent four cases, each with a only one monthly case.

The first month of this plan is $69 the following months cost $79 per month.

The Wardrobe Enhancer

The next step will be the Wardrobe Enhancer that allows users to purchase 7 items!

The subscribers with this subscription can only get one case per month but they can rent out seven things per box.

The cost is only $89 for the first month, and $119 thereafter.

The Wardrobe Replacer

The Wardrobe Replacer is Armoire’s most well-known subscription plan. Members can rent six items per case, with no limit on the number of instances per month. You’ll never be bored with the amount of things you can try out.

This plan’s first month costs $139 and after that it is $249 per month.

Remember, the plans contain:

  • Returns and shipping is free
  • Cleaning is free
  • access to a complete inventory of clothing
  • the ability to cancel or pause the ability to cancel or pause at any time
  • Free personal styling
  • protection for minor damages

The most appealing aspect? You can keep your clothes for as long as you’d like. If you can’t give up a dress simply because that it gives you the feeling as if you’re in a romantic comedy living the life of your dreams You don’t need to let it go.

What Members are Saying

Don’t trust us. Here’s what our members have to say about their experiences using Armoire’s service for renting clothes.

  • Easy to use and super simple to use.
  • I love the personal stylists
  • The prices are less expensive than other well-known rental clothing brands.
  • Wish Armoire had more luxury brands


Can I cancel my Armoire membership?

Yes, you are able to cancel anytime. You can even stop your membership at any time without any commitments.

What size do Armoire come in?

Armoire is available in sizes from 0R up to 24W.

How much does Armoire cost?

Based on the plan of membership you select, Armoire can range from $79 to $249 per month.

The Final Verdict

The clothing rental service simple and simple to use however, it also has stunning clothes and incredible brands. We believe they’re the perfect service worth trying!

We’re thrilled that each of our members has a one-on-1 meeting with a stylist who is their own personal and we hope Armoire can help you unleash your inner style guru.

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Armoire Alternatives

  • Nuuly Though Armoire is an excellent choice but Nuuly remains my preferred rental subscription service. The only drawback of Nuuly is that they don’t permit unlimited returns. You have one month to exchange your items to purchase new ones. The company rents out six items per month for the cost of $98 per month. The best thing about Nuuly is the fact that they are owned by the same firm which manages Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, therefore they are always stocked with stylish styles to choose from. Nuuly is my absolute top choice for those who are looking for more modern and unique designs. Take a look at the Nuuly reviews for more information.

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