Apekstore Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?{JULY-2023} Read Here!

You’ve come to the right spot in your the search for Apekstore critiques. How do you feel the ultimate evaluation of the site Apekstore com will be? Are you sure that Apekstore genuine or is it a scam?

If so you’re in the right spot as the next section of this article provides in-depth and objective reviews of Apekstore.com, including 100% evidence of the legitimacy of the website.

What are some important details regarding the APEKSTORE.COM Website?

The online store named Apekstore offers selling in the Air Fryers, Blenders, Food Processors, Fridge Freezers, etc. category. It has Ninja AF160UK 5.2L Air Fryer MAX and Dehydrator BOSCH ErgoMixx MSM66020GB Blender, Hand Blender DAEWOO SDA1827 mini Chopper, Beko CFP3691VW White products, as and other collection.

This website is registered for the 28th of November in 2021. It will expire 28th November 2024. It is registered in the Whois database. This website has been awarded a score of trust of 47 percent.


  • Name of website: Apekstore
  • Email: sales@apekstore.com
  • Contact details: Unit 5, Redwing Court Business Centre, Romford, Essex, RM3 8QQ
  • Number of contact: 07462098188
  • Categories of Products: Air Fryers, Blenders, Food Processors, Fridge Freezers, ect
  • Description of the Product: Ninja AF160UK 5.2L Air Fryer MAX and Dehydrator BOSCH ErgoMixx MSM66020GB Manual Blender, DAEWOO SDA1827 Mini Chopper Beko CFP3691VW White
  • Options for payments: Online payment
  • Time of delivery: Normal Free Delivery in the UK All UK purchases are eligible for free delivery. Standard shipping is 3 business days, dependent on the location of the client’s the office or home address. Collect point You are welcome to collect your order at our shop located on Unit 5, Redwing Court Business Centre, Romford, Essex Essex, RM3-8QQ.
  • Refund Policy The company has a return policy for unwelcome and defective items. If you have to return an item to us for any reason, please first contact us by phone or e-mail. See the Contact Us page. Unwanted Goods Can be returned if they are unopened and in a perfect condition to resell within 30 days of receiving. If you want to return a product, please email us and we will send the item via Royal mail or courier service to the unit 5 Redwing Court Business Centre, Rom ford, Essex, RM3 8QQ Faulty Goods If you find that any of our products are faulty we’ll either replace the amount paid in full or provide you with the replacement at no cost.
  • Social media hyperlinks: None

Based on the data presented on the right, it is possible to determine the reliability of the site. Let’s now look at the pros and cons of the website.


The site Apekstore was found to have been awarded an extremely untrustworthy score of 47%, which raises doubts about its credibility. Other websites have mostly negative comments about the portal. The website domain appears to be quite new and was registered on the 28th of November 2021, and expires on November 28, 2024. This raises questions about whether it is a trustworthy site or not.


  • The presence of an authentic SSL certificate, as well HTTPS guarantees that consumers are safe.
  • The most current and accurate policies are available to customers.

After you’ve been educated about the advantages and drawbacks of this website We can now look at the elements that show whether the website is authentic or a scam. Go through the next section and, if been using it before make sure you make a comment. Your feedback will be useful to others who might be confused by the site.

The question of whether the APEKSTORE website is legit or not can be verified with the help of the following information:

  • Webpage Age the 28th of November in 2021. It will end on November 28, 2024.
  • Maximum Discounts offered: Not Available
  • Site’s Trust Rating: 47% According to scamdetector
  • The validity of the contact address: Unit 5, Redwing Court Business Centre, Romford, Essex, RM3 8QQ
  • customer complaints: They do not have any reviews or rating on their site
  • The authenticity is that of Email ID: sales@apekstore.com
  • Returns and Exchanges: If you return the item due to an error by us or if it’s damaged or defective, we’ll replace it for free or, in certain cases, we may provide a damage reimbursement in the form of a partial credit or a refund. We will inspect all returned items for damage or defects. If we discover no fault we have the right to re-charge you for the item or items and to recover our costs and costs from you.


Is That the Final Verdict that The Apekstore Website is a ripoff?

Apekstore’s website is a hoax.

What is the final verdict? Is the Apekstore Com Website a Scam or a Trustworthy Website?

The conclusion is it is true that Apekstore com might as possibly be a fraudulent website. We urge customers to be cautious when they make online purchases on Apekstore com. Apekstore com website.

What’s the Final Concluding Factor? Is this website legitimate or Do You Think It’s Not?

The verdict is yes, this is an ecommerce business that isn’t a legitimate website.


Based on our review, we suspect this website is suspicious. We do not advise our customers to purchase anything from this website.

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